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Full text of "The Soveraignty & Goodness Of God Together, With the Faithfulness of His Promises Displayed; Being a Narrative Of the Captivity and Restauration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson."

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^ !< Ttfe dL^^TODY OF Tl4f: 






Soveraignty (^ ^QJiiJnefs 

O F 

G O D ' 

Together, ^ 

With the Faithfulncfs of Mis Promifcs 
Dtlplaycd ^^/ 

Being a s ""^ 


Of the Captivity and ^Ba:iration of 

M'- Mary %mlmdfon. 

;Commf ndcd by her, to all that dcfircs to 
know the Lords doii^sroj and 
dcaringswitbHcf. • 

B^pccially to her dtar Childnn and Relations 

. ■ 5 

The fecond Addition Correftcd andamcndrd. 

v'rutenbyHerown Hand for Her private life, and now 


3 nd for the benefit of Che Afflifted. 

r^'j^^-' ^^* ^^^ nowtkat I, even I am ht) andthnv kno 
Uodtcith me : J k^,ll and I ma{e ahve^ I wound md Heal 
n tit her h t here any can delivtr out 4 my hand. 

C \A M B K I D. G Ey 

^fintedby Samuel Guevf, i 6 8 a. 

S . V -^ - ' This Book belongs to 

iThe Ne w-En gl AND-JL/^r^ry, 

Begun to be coliecicd by Thomas Prince, 
upon his encring Harvard-Coikze^ July 6. 
*7^5 t ^d was given h^f dcn'Z (?it\t££ en 


The Treface to the 


Tv/si on Tuefdayt Feb.t: 1675. in the affcrnoon, wfeeB the 

lSarrUgan[etsquineTs{_in or toward the NipmugCountTy,vbia 

ther t hey arc now retyred for fear of the Englijh Army J>ing 

ifi trelr own Country) were the fecond time beafen up by l^e 

Forces of the united Colonies* who thereupon foon betooK 

themfelvesto fiightjsnd were all the next day purfued by the 

E"g'iP, firr.e overtaken and dcftroyed. But on Tburfday, Feb. 3»- 

The ETjg!,Jl) having now been fix dayes on their march, from theif 

he d guutfrs, at vVkkfordy in :he NAuhagmfit CouB^ry^towird 

.and after the Enemy, and proyJfion grown exceeding Ihoit, infol 

L much that they were fain to killfomeHorfes for the fuppfy, efpeci, 

I aliy of their Indian friends, tbcy were neceilitated to confidcr what 

was beftrobedone.- And abouc noon (having hitherto fallowed 

the chafe as t-ard as ihey might) a Councill was called, ardthoug!» 

fomefew were of^nother mind, yet it was concluded by far the 

greater part of the Councill of War, that the Army Ihoulddefift the 

urfjitjand retire : the Forces of Plimouih and the Say to tbenext 

own of the "Say, and Connecticut Forces to their own nejjtTowns,- 

'hich determination was immedately put in execution. Thecon- 

:quent whereof, as it was not difficult to be forel'een by thofe rhaC 

iew the cauOcfs enmity ofthefe BarbarUnf) againft the EngliO?^ 

d t^'e malicious and rcvengtfull fpirit of tbffe Heathen : fp ic 

iioc proved difmall. 

."ih'';(Vflrr/E><7g. »yer 5 were new driven quite from theirownCoua- 

>i?cy, w d all their pro vlfions there hoarded up, to which tr; ey durft 

not at prefent return, and being fo numerois as they were, foon dc^ 

' ! red thofe to whom they went J whereby both the one and other 

: p.ow reduced to extream ftraif s, and fo nr ccflitJted to take the 

„ 5nd bcft opportunity for fupply, and very glad, no doubt of 

iuch an opportunity as this, to provide for themfelves, and make 

ipnil cft!-e ErrgtiJJ} atonce ; and feeing themfelves thus difcharoed 

'■ ' eir piirfucrs, and a liitlc refrefbed after thair flight, the vkx^ 

'veekonTburfeday) F^brxo, thCy fell with noighty force ^nd 

- ''p' n Lancajier : which {m»ll Town, remote from aid of others, 

;*o<. not being Gerifonedas't might, the Array being now come in, 

Md 23 th§ time indeed required ( the defign 9/ the -lidmns againft 

A * ~ ' ' " -t.31 


t\vat place being known to the £wg?i)7; Tome time before) wisiijt 
ableio make cfFeftualreliftance : but tiotwlthftandingutmo ft endea- 
vour ofrhe Inhibicdnts, moft of the bliiKlings were turned into 
afhes j many People (Men, Women and Children) flain, and.Or 
chers captivated. The moft folemn jnd remarkable part of this 
Traj£dy,fnay that juftly be reputed, which fell upcn thcFsinil/of 
That reverend Serva;u of God, Wir.JofyhRolandfiny the'.l, 
Pdftor of Chrift in that place, who b=ing gone down to the Cu ciil 
oit^Q M.jfachufets to feek aid for the defence of the place > a! hi? 
return fouiid the Town in fiannes, or fmokc, his own houfe '^.vlr/j let 
on fircbychc Enemy, through taedifadvamage of a dtfeitive Forii 
fication, and all iu it coniumcd : his prec'to'us yo.i4e»fcllow, and dear 
C'lilJren, wounded and captivated ( as the iduc evidenced, andfoi- 
Iowin^.Narr3t!vedrclares ) by theie cruel and birbarocs Salvages. 
A fad Careftrophc i Thus aJl things come alike to all: N one knows 
either love •rhacied by all that is before him. It is no new thing 
for Gods precions ones to drink as deep as others, of the Cup oc 
co.nmoiCilaoiiiy: TakcjyiALct (yet captivated ) for iiiftarce 
befije others. Rut it isnot my bulintfs to dihte on theie thnj^s, 
but only in few words in'roduftivcly to preface to the foHming 
fcript, which is a N'irrative of the wonderfully a-Afull, wife* t.oly, 
powerful], and gracious providence of God. towards that wcntl.y 
and precious Gentle woman, the dear Cor:f>rr. oi the Uid Jlfve- 
TQndhU.RoipfandJo::^ snd her Children with h«r, as m caftin? oi- 
her into fuC'i a wat^^rlefs pit, fo in preCewlng, It:pp"rtin{>, and Cit- 
ryJQ!» rhorow fo many fuch extream Ipz Tds, unio-akible difficul- 
ties aid difconf)laren^fs, and at hft delivering 'uroutor trcn^l!, 
andhtx farvivin.';Ch--ldrenaUo. Ir w;.s a Ufinuc mdamszingdii- 
p-n/ation, ihatthf L<rd i^oidd foafVittl^is ptctious Servant , and 
.H-ifld rr.sid-: It was as ftranse, if not more, th.T he jfould fo he^r 
upi the fpTfits or his Servant under fiC^beTe:»v rei'S.indorhis h^nd- 
rrwidgnder foc^ c^prtvity, travels ind Hardlhips ; much too herd 
farf??:nnpdbio?cl^ ss he did. aid ar l^rip.ri, dc 1 ver a^d r -ftor- 
B»jt f-e was their S-viout, whohani faid. UKf>iit-vu fajjtji jkrcugh 
jhefV^iers, jTDlUbevtlikthee, aid ihoroulb ihc hnvrs y itcy ff^all 
110! ovcrjhw thee : frh.n thou walks-\\ :I:rc:ifP the five rkoujl^a-tfuh^e 
lu^-nu norfijjll ,hc limine kindle ui20f7 d:ec. Ha. ^\. vcr- 2. and -V'J.^ 
He rvouniah ani/u^smak^ i^h.h Hf-p^nli dohv.r ,hee uijc:n.u. 
hks, xe.mfive>nhere CmU no vvUumh thee : I'l tamwc he jUll.,- 
deem,h:e'romDe,tl:.Anclinmrfrofr;:hepv:er4 tjejrcord. !ob ?. 
18, to, ,0. Merhinksthisdifoenfition dothbe.r i--rc rclembj.. f e 
tathn/%of '^,,7^;.;?, P4t>fdand1>.«;c/; yea, andotihe tl^rec Cn, J^ 
ren too, the'Srories whereof do reprefent us with t'^e excellent icx- 
rures of divine ;r evidence, curious pieces of ovme work : and truly 
fodnrhrhis, and therefore not robe forgotre.i, t.ut worthy to be 
exhibited t^, andviewcd, and pondered by all, ihata.idainnot to 
coar>cl*r the operation of his hands. , ^ r«> 

(Reworks of theLord (notcnlyof Gre?-oi, butofProv:^ 
nee air., erpccaHy tho(;L- that do more p<(» !/-rly c )ncctn ^' ^ 



dear ones, that are as the Apple ofiiis Eye, as the Signet upon Hi 
HanJ, the Delight of his Eyts, and the'Objeft cf bis tendereft 
Care) and great, fpught out of ill thofe that have plealure therein. 
And ofthelc verilf this is none of theleaft. 

This Narrative was penned by the Gentlewoman her felf, to be to 
her a memorandum ofGods dealing with her, that fbe might never 
forger, but remeitiber the fame, & ihe feverill circumftapces there- 
of, all the daycs of iur life, A pious fc:-pe which deferves both 
commendation and !i^^ir3lion: Some friends having obtiined a tight 
or it, couUnotbutbe u> much afteited with tbe.many pallages of 
wording provtdense diTcovered tnerein, as to judge it worthy of 
publJCfi vi€W,andskogethcrun reec fhatfueh works of G:'dltoul(i 
be hid from pteleat and future Generations ; And therefore 
thou?h this Gcntldwonans modeft/ wtuld not thrufr it'.ntothe 
PreG, yet her gratitude unto Pod made her not hardly pcrfwadibla 
to lee it p-fs, that God might have his duealory, and others bcne- 
fitbyit aswcUashcr felf. I hope by this time none wjllcift any 
r;fle6li3n upon this Gentlewon;ar, on the fco^e of ifiis publication 
oFhcrjffliciionand delivsrance. Ifany {hould,QOubtl;{s ihey may 
be reckoned with fbe nine lepers, of whom it is faid, V/'irdkiyi vot 
ten clennfid: vphere are tl eniue} but cm reU'Yn'ng to give G<hI thjn\s» Let 
iuch further know that this Wi^s a diipanrationof publicitnote, and 
cf univerlaUconcernr.cntj ar.d fo much tbcniore, byhdvvnuich 
the nearer this Gentlewoman ftocd related lothat faithtuil Servant 
of God, whole capjcity andeaplayment was publickin ihe houff of 
God, and his nan^e on that account of a vcty fwect in the 
Churches ':'fchria, wh.ois there of a trueCnriftian fpirif, that d'd " 
not look upon himfelf much concerned in this bcreavmentjthis Cap- 
tivity in the time thereof, and in his d.liverance when i: came, 
yea more then in man v others, ?.ai hov^many are there, rovvhocn 
fo concerned, it will doubtlefsbe a very acceptable th;i-.[> ro fee the 
way of God with this Gemlewoman in the aforffaid dUpenUrionj 
thus liid out and paurtr.iyed before their eyes. •• 

To co.-clude whatever any coy phantadesmay deem, yet it Iiig'il'/ 
concerns thofe that have f> deeply tafted , how goodthe f.ord is, to 
enqoire with Divid, What J};ull 1 render to tleLcrdfcr ali hii he- 
nefurstomz- Tj'al. (\6.i2. He thinks nothing too pre-t ;; y-o, be- 
ing ieniTbie of his own difproporiion to tl^e due praifesof God lie rah 
in help. Oh, magnijie ike Lord xvhh me, la ;« exalt his Name together, 
TfaU 54. 3 And it is but reafon, tbit our praifes Uiould hold pr'>- 
pornon with our prayers; sndthicas many hath hclprdtocrether bv 
ptajer tor the obtaining of his Mercy, fo praifes QioulJ bc'ratur-iej 
by many on this behalf ^ And for^much as not the ?ener»il bnt dji- - 
ticular knowledge of things makes dccpeft imprefiion uroi the atf-- 
«El/on$,tlis Narrative particuhrixing the feveral prafl'ages ofthli o'^~ 
vidcnce will nor a littie conduce thereunto. And therefore holy'l) j- 
xtd in order to the attainment of chat end, accounts 'ijmfelf concer- 
ned to dec I ire what Gad had done for his foul, P/^^ 65. i6> Come 
Attdhe.XY^ a I ye that fear God^ and I mil dcclm what ^odha:h hue fc r 

A 3 ,7.Y 


my fouli \» e. for hU /»/«?, fee v. 9 , 16. He hol^eth oUf foul in Iffe, dnA 
fwffevs net our feet tc he moved-, for thou our Goihaji f roved tUy thou baji 
tviedii$iai filver is tryed. Life-mercies, araheart-affeding mercies, 
of great imprefllon and force, to enlarge pioUshcarfs in tbepraifes 
of God, io that fuch know not how but to talk of Gods afts, attd to 
fpeak of and .publilh his wonderfuli works. Deep troubles, when ihe 
waters come in liuto thy foul, are wont to produce vowcs: vowes 
muft be paid, It U betHrrjctvovpy ttanvoif and not to pay. I may fay, 
thatasnon«.knows what it is to fight and purfue fuch an enemy as 
this, but they that have fought aad purfued them : f6 none can ima- 
gine what i I is to he captiva^, and enltaved to fuch atheifticall 
proud, wild.craelj barbarou^i bruicifh (inone word) dtsbolicall 
creatures as thefe, the worft of the heathen ; nor what difficulties^ 
hardihips, hazards, forrows, anxieties and perplexities do unavoid- 
ably wait upon fuch a condition, but thofe that have tryed ir. No 
ierieus fpirit then (efpecJaliy knowing any thing of this oentlewo- 
mans piety) can imagine but that the vows of God are upon her; Ex- 
cufe her then if fhe come thus into publick, to pay thoicvows* 
Come and hear what /he bath to fay. 

■ / am confident that no Friend of AivinfTfovidence trill ever recent lis 
time and fains, fpent in reading over thefe Jheits, but mlljudg them rccitb 
^erujltjg again an d again. 

Hear "^^f tfifv, you may feeaninflancecf theSoveraignty of God, 
who doth what he will with his own as well as others ; and who may 
fty to h\m iWh at 'dof than i Here you may feeaninft^nceof the fiith 
and patience of t' e Siints, under the mofl heart- finkirsg tryals ; here 
you mayfce, the promifcsare breaftsfull of confolation, when all 
the world befides ise.-T pty,and gives nothirgbntforrow.Thai God 
is indeed the fopream Lord of the world, ruling the moft unruly, 
we'.Kenrng themoft cruel andfalvage, granting hir People mercy in 
jrefight of the Hnmercifall, curbing the lufts of tf)emoft filthy, 
holding tbekeru's 6f the violent, delivering the prey from the migh- 
ty, rink gAtberifi^, together ihe out cafis o/Ifrad, Once and again you 
baVehe^r:^, but hear you may ice, that fcrcorlelengcthunts Ciod', that 
our God is the Gcd of Salvation, and to him.belorptheinucs from 
Death. Thatoar God is in the Heavens, and doth what ever pleafcs 
him. Here joi hsvc ^rjwpjti;: Riddle examplififd, arid that great pro 
mife, Kom. 8. 28. verifird, Out of the Eater ccm?s forth nceat , and 
fsteettiefiout offht'Jirorig',The worft ofevils working together for the 
bttii good. Flow evident is it that the Lord hith made this. Gentle- 
i^b^in a gainer by all this a{fliftion,that (he can fav, ^ti^ §Mdfo'r}:er ■, 
ffea b^tcr that pe hrtth been, then th it /lejhjuld net have been ,- thus 

dpiyd. ■-' . , 

Oh ha'co doth 6od (}:inefurth in fuch things as thefe^, 
%rddeY^ ifthou getteft no good by fuQ) a Dfclaraticn <;? this> the 
fi?uh muft needs be tbine own- Read therefore, Peruf», Pond*!:^ 
and ho-n hence liy up fomcthingfrom tbeexptrietice.oFanfithef; 
againft thiife own tnm comes, thatfo thou alfo through palieweanti 
cbnfolatio^foi the Scripture mayeft have hope. 


(*A !Niarrative of the 

*0 F 

. Mrs. ^^Mary %ovplandfon. 

N ihc ttnihotFihrUAYy i(f;5.Gamc 
the Indians with great numbers upon 
LanCAjler: Their firft coraing was 
about Sua-riTing; hearing the noife 
of fome Guns, we looked out j fcveraf Houfes 
were burnings and the Smoke afcendingio Hea- 
ven There were five pcrfons taken in one houfe, 
the Farhf r, asd the Mother and a fucking Child^ 
they knockt on the head ; the other two th-2y took 
andcarricdl away aUvc. Their were two others, 
who being out of their Garlfon upon fomeoccafion 
were fct upon ^ one was knock: on the head, the 
otherefeaped: Another their was who running a- 
longlwasfliot and wounded, and fell down; he 
hedged ofihem bis life, promifing them Money 
(aslhfytddme)buj thcf wonldnot hcarkm to 



im but knockt him in head, atid ftript him nakW, 
ind fplit open his Bowcff. Another feeing many 
ofthe Iwj/i^w labour his Bard, veoturcj and went 
oat, but was quickly (hetdown. There were three 
o:hers belonging to the fame Garifoa who were 
killed; the Indians ^ztting up upon theroof of rbe 
Barn, h3dadvaBtagcto/hoot downup^nihcmo-. 
ver tbdr FortijRcation. Thus thcfc murthercus 
wretcbei went on, burning, apd dcftroying before 

At length they caaic and bcfct ourownHoufc, 
and quickly it was the dblcfullcft day that ever 
mine eyei faw. The Houfc flood upon tbc cdg of 
a hill j fomc of the I«<i/^wr got behind the hill, o- 
thcrs into f he Barn, and others behind any thing 
that could (belter them ; from all which places they 
(hot againft the Houfe, fo that theBuUcts fecmed 
fofylikchail; and qu'ckly they wounded one 
man amcng us, then another, and then a third, A- 
bput two hours .( according to my obfervation, in 
' -that amazing time) they bad been aboul the houfc 
before they prcvailfd to iSrcit (which they did 
withFIax and Hemp, which they brcughroutcf 
the Barn, and there being no defeocc about tbc 
Houfe, only two Flankers at two oppofitc corners , 
2^.6 one of them not finifhedl they fiscd ic once, 
and one ventured out and quenched ir, but they 
quickly fired it again, and that took. Kai^is that 
drcadfull hourcomf, that I have often heard of :( in 
time of War, as it was the cafe of others) bat now 
mine eyes fee it. Some in our boijfc werr fighr^ 

iflgfoi' tfeir livci, others wallowiog in their blood, 
the Hope on fire over oar heads, and the bloody 
Hcathjfi ready to knock as oia the head, if we (tir- 
ed ouf: Now might we hear Mothers & Ghildrcn 
crying but for thcmfelves, and one another, Lwd^ 
^^haffhall we do ? Then I took my Children ( and 
one o! my fiftcrf, hers ) to go forth aod leave the 
hoafe : but as Toon as wt came to the dore and ap- 
peared, the W//?m {hot fo thick that the boilcttf 
rattled againft theHoufe, as if one hadfaken an 
^andfuU of ftones and threw them, fo that we were 
fain to give back. We had fix ftout Dogs 
belonging to our Garrifon,but none of them woa^d 
ftir, though another time, if any Indian had come 
tothedoor, they were ready to fly upon him and 
tear him down. The Lord hereby would make us 
the mo e to acknowledge bis hand, and to fee that 
-cur help is alwayes in him, Botoutwcmuft 
go, ihcfire incrcafing, and coming along befeiod 
U9, roaring, and the Indians gaping before us with 
their Guos, Spears and Harchces to devour b$. No 
foooerwcre wccut of the Houfr, turmy Brother 
in taw ( being before wounded, in defending the 
boufe^in or near the throjt ) fell down dead, whcr- 
atthe l^danj fcorrijjdlly (homed, and hallowed, 
snd Were prefcnilf^TSpon him, ftripping off his 
c[o:\ths, the bul!c^t5^»flying thick, one went through 
my fide, and tlfc fame Cas would feem) through 
rhe bowels and hand of my dear Child in my arms. 
One of my cljer Sifters Children, namjd Wtlitam, 
-lad then his Leg broker?^ which the Indimt pct- 


ctiviog, thcjf kaockr him Co bead. Thus were Wz 
butchered by thofc mcrcilefs Hcathea, ftanding a- 
mazed, with the blood running down lo oar hcefs. 
My eldcft Sifter being yet in the Houfc, and feeing 
thofc wofall fights, the Infidels haling Mothers one - 
way, and Children another, and feme wallowing in 
their blood : and her elder Son telling her that her 
Son William was dead, and my fclf was wounded, 
flie faid, And , Lord Itt mt dy with them ; which 
was no fooner faid, but (he was (Iruck with a Bul- 
let, and fell down dead over the tbrefhold. I hope 
(he is reaping the fruit of her good labourf, being 
faithfull to^he fcrvicc of God in her place. In her 
younger years (he lay under much trouble upon 
spiritual accounts, till it pieafed God to make that 
precioas Scripture take hold of bcr heart, 2 Cor» 
12.9. yind he faid pntomewyGraceisfufficient 
^ for thte. More then twenty years after I have beard 
fact tell how fweet and camfortable that place was 
to her, ButtotetU(n: Ihc Inaians laid hold of 
uj, pulling me on way, c od the Children another, 
and faid, Come go alon^ ivuh m ; \ told them f bq^ 
would kill me: they Gnfwered, 1/ 1 V9iYt vcillingto - 
go along mth them , tLty vfOfild y^ot hnrt me, , 

Oh the dolcfull fight tbat now? was to behold at 
this Houfe! CoW(?, hihoUxhe worktofthe Lord^ 
what diffoldffhns he has made in the tarth. Of thir- 
ty feveu perfocs who u ere in tbis.onc Houfe>nonc 
elcaped cither prcfcnt death, ora bittcrcapiivity, 
favc only one, who m gbt fsy at he lib 1. 15; 
And lonly 4m efcajcd (thmtotill the Nim* There 



\«tere twelve killed, fome (hot, fomc ftab'd with 
their Spears, fomc knock'd down with their Hat- 
chets. When we arc in prosperity, Oh the little 
that we think of fuch drcadfuil Tights, and to fee 
cur dear Friends, and Relations 4y bUedifg out 
tbcir heart- bfood upon the ground. There was one 
who was chopt into the head with a Hatchet, and 
Aiipt naked, and yet was crawling up and down. 
Jt is a folemn fighr to fee fp many Gbnftians lying 
in their blood, fomc here, and feme there, like a 
company of Srerp torn by Wolves. All of them 
ftript naked by a coCBpany of hell-hounds, roar- 
ing, fingiog,tanticg acd infalting, as if they would" 
have torn our very hearts ouc j yet the Lord by his 
Almighty power prcfervcd a nomber cfusfrom 
deat.bjfot there were t wen ty-fcuroi us taken alive 
and carried Captive. 

J had often before ihis^aidy that tfthe Indians 
Jhould corns, Ifhould chfi/erather to le killed by thiin 
then ta^eK filive but whcflrit came to.the tryal my 
xBirxd changed; their ghti^ring ^capcDsfo d«iun- 
t^dmyfpirir, that Icbofersthcr^o goalong with 
tbofcCas I may fay^ ravenous Bc^js, then that mo- 
ment to end my dayes ; spd tl%l may the better 
dec'arc what happened during that grievous 
Captivity I fiiall panicQlarly fpcai of the fcverall 
Rgipayes wc had up snd down the Wilcllftngfs. 

ml Thefirfi 1Rjm(iVe. 

Now away wc muft go with thofc Barbarous 
1^ ^ Ctcaturcy, 


Cf cBtures^ with oar bodies wounded and bleed- 
iDg,and our hearts no lefs than our bodies. Abouca 
mile we went that night,up upon a hill within fight 
of the Town where they intended to lodge. There 
was Ivard by a vacanr hoafc ( deferred by the Eng- 
Jj{h before, for fear of the Indiant ] I ask id^ them 
whither I might not lodge in the houfe that nigh t.^ 
to which they anfwered, what will you love Eng- 
ii/fcfw«fiftiU? this was the dolcfulleft night that 
ever my eyes faw. Oh the roaring, aod fioging 
and danceing, and yelling of thofc black creatures 
in thcnighr, which made tbcjjfccealivcly refem- 
blancc of hell. And as mifprable was the waft 
tha^ was there made, of Horf|s, Cntde, Sheep, 
Swine, Gal veSjLambs, Roafting Pigs, and Fowls 
[ which they bad plundered in tbe Town ] fomc 
roaftfng.fomc lying and burning,and fomc boyling 
tofecdourm^rcilefs Enemies; who were joyftJil 
enough thougb we wer^ difcon folate. To add 
to the dolcfulncfs of the former day, and rhe dii- 
r^alnefsoftheprcfem night: my thoughts ran up- 
on my loiTcj and fad bereaved condiaon. All 
was gone, my Hufband gone (at Icail Separated 
from me, be being in the Bay i and to add to my 
grief,theI«fiw«;told me they would kill him as 
be came homeward ) my Children g6ri°, my 
^clatioriiand Friends gone, our Houte and home- 
and aljour comforts within doo[, and vviibQ?rt,alL 
was gone, (except my life) and 1 knew not bat 
thcncxt momenitbat might go too. Tberie 

rcmai^^ nothing to mc bat one poor wo^nd- 

. '■ cd 



ed HV^d ^^ feciTied at preftfnt worfe rhao death 
that It Was in fuch a pitiful conditioa, befpcaking, 
CompalTioa,and I l)ad«i» rcfrcfhiRg for if, nor 
fuitable thiogs ro revive it, Liitlcdo manytbiok 
what is t he ravagcncfs and bruiciflinefs of this bar- 
barous Enemy i even tbofc that fccm to pro- 
fcfs more than others arnong ihcm, when the 
£nj[itjh have fallen into their hands, . 

Thorcfeven that were killed at Lancafier the 
fummcr before upon a 5abbathday^ and the one 
rbat was afterward killed upon a we( k day, were 
fliin and naan^Ied in a barbarous manner, by one- 
ey af67;r7,and Aiarlbonugh*! Praying Indians ^ 
which Capf, ^o/f/; brought to Bofton^iith^ Indi- 
cr.i told me. ^ 


^ut fJOWy thet:eXtfr,omif9£y \ynufi t-.rnmy\^ck 
upon thi Topfft, and travti with them mothtij0 
and^d^at, Wildtvmis^ 1 kyicr^ not whcker. It is 
^'^f^P«^g"c» or pen caofxprefstherorrowfof 
m? hcarr, and bittcrncfi of my fpinr, chat / had af 
!h{!idrpirturc: but God was\' it h mc, ipawon- 
Herfuii manner, carrying nie along, and bearrrgup 
spirit, that it did not quire f^il One of the iV 
^i/c3m>dmy poor wcundcd^abcupcnahorff, 
uvv^m moaning alt afoDg, Ifhifldy, I {h^JI dy. 
ot after ity with fcrrow that cannot be 
\t length I tock it off the horfe, and 
editiDrayarmesrillmyOrerg^h failed;3nd 1 


feii down with it : Then they fcl me apoa a hon^e 
with my wounded Child in my lap^and there being 
DO furoituiiT upon the horfe back ; as we were go- 
ing down a (!eep hill, wc both fell over the horfes 
bcs d,ac which they like inhumane creatures laughr, 
aud rcjoyccd to fee it, though I thought we fhould 
there have ended ourdaycs, as overcome with to 
many difficuldcs. Bat the Lord renewed my 
frrcogrh dill, snd carried me aloog, that! might 
fiie more of bis Power J yea, fo much that I could 
never have thought of, had I not experienced ir. 

jiftiYthii it c^utcklj began to fnowy and when 
nigheamt or^they fiopt ', and now 4omn I wujifit 
in the jmw^ by a hit U fir f^ and afcvp boaghi inhtnd 
mgy Wiih my fickC^^^d in my lap; and calling much 
/orwapi/> being mrv ithrou^h thi wonnd) fallen 
iyito a violent Fever. My own wound alfo g; ow- 
ing fo ftjfF, t^lat I conid fcarcc ^n down or rile up ; 
yer lo it rauft be, that I muft fit all this cold w inter 
nighj upon the co^d fnowy grouod, with my fick 
Child in my armes, looking that every hour wcu?d 
be the lad of its life ; and having no Chriftian friend 
ncai me, either to comfort or help me. Ob^ I may 
fee tbe wonderfaU foveer ofGod^ that my Spirit did 
not utterly fink^undtr my ajfli^ion : ftiU the Lord^ 
upheld me mth his gracious and merafuU Spirit 
and »f Wire both alive to fee the Ugttoftkanex: 

The third rmove* 

The morning being comt^they prepared h go 


i^eif way : O^^t of the Indians ^ot up upon a borfe^ 
and thy fet^me nf it hind kim, with my poorfic^ 
Babe m my Up. A very wearifome and tedioas 
day I had of it; what with niy own wqund, and 
my Childs being fo exceeding fick^and in a lamen- 
table condition with her wound. It may be cafi- 
ly judged whit a poor feeble condition we werein,' 
there being not the leaft crumb of leffcfbing tbalt 
came within either of our mouths, from Wedntfday 
night 10 Satf4Ydayt\\ghty except only a little cold 
water. .This day in the afternoon, about an hour 
by Sun, we came to the place where they imcnd- 
ded, viz.. an Indian Town, called Wenimeffety Ncr- 
Ward of ^uahHug. When wc were com?, Oh the 
oambcr of Pagans (now mcrcilefs eoerliics) that 
there cams ab^ut me, that 1 may fay as ^Davld^ 
Pfah 27 1 3y/ had fainted^ mUfi lha4ptlHVfJ^&c, 
The hcxc day was the Sabbath : 1 then remcmbred 
hgw carclcfs / had been of Gods holy tims : how 
many 5abbaibs I had foft and rat f pent, and how 
ev^ily 1 had walked in Gods fight ; whscb by fo 
clofs unto my fpif it , that it waseafie f or me 10 fee 
bow righteous it wai with God to cu|^off the chreei 
of my life, and caft me out ofbis'^pceftncc for c- 
vcf. Yet the Lord ftiil (hewed mercy io me, and 
nphdd me ; and as he wounded me with one hand, 
fo fac healed mc with the other. This day there 
can^e-ro me one Robbert Ptpptr (a man belonging 
XoRoxhuty^ who was taken in Captain ^^^ri his 
Fight, and had been now a confiderablc time with 
V^k^idiantj and up with ihcm almoft as far as 

C io ] 

Albany to fee king Philip, as he toldomr, and ms 
now very lately come into thefc parts. Hearing 
1 fay, that I was in this Indian Town, he obtaiofd 
leave to come and fee mt. He told me , he bm- 
fclfwas wounded in the leg at Captain £eers his 
Fight; and was not able fomc time to go, but as 
they carried him, and as he took Oaken leaves and 
laid to his woond, and through f he bicffing of God 
he was able fo travel agiio. Then I tock Oaken 
leaves and laid to my fide, and with the bit ffing o f 
God it cured roe alfo; yet before the Cure was 
wrought, I may fay, as it if in *Pp/. iS.$,6.Mj 
XKOandt P'mk^ and are corrupt^ i am trOAhiedy I am 
kweddowngriati}\ Igo mourning all the da^ lo'Ag. 
Ihx much alone with a poor wounded Criid in my 
lap, which moaned night and day, havirg no- 
thing to revive the body,or cheer the fpirits of her, 
but in (lead of that, fometimesonc Indtar. would 
come and tell aic one hour, that your M<*ll . r will 
knock your Child in the head, and thco a fccond, 
and then a third, your Mafter will quickly knbcte 
your Child in the head. 

7 hit was the comfort 1 had from them^ mifer^ h/e 
comforttts are jeall, as hgfaid. Thus nine dayes 
I fat upon my knees, with my Babe in my l:ip, nil 
my flefh was raw again ; my Child being even rea 
dy to depart this forrowfoilwoi Id, they bsdeme 
carry it«iit to another Wigwsm (Ifupftyfebe- 
csufc they would not be troubled wi th (och fpc^ia- 
dcs) Whuber I went with a very heavy heatt, and 
down I fat with the plfturc of de%thinmyl^ 


•^bciit two houccs JD the night, my f^ccr Babe, 
likca Lambc departed this life, on fsb.iS. i67s^ 
It bcifig abouc f%K yearety aad five mootbi old. It 
was ntnt daps from the firft wounding, kithis 
mifcrahlr condition, without any rcfrcfiiing cf 
one nature or other, exccpc a little cold water, I 
cannot tAit ttkt notice , how at another time I 
could not bear to be in the room where any dead 
perion was, but now cbe cafe is changed ; 1 mud 
and could ly do\vn by my dead Babe, fide by fide 
.all the night after. J have thoughi fiiKe of the 
wonderful! goodncfs of God tome,iiipre(erving 
m; in the ufe of my rcafon and fcnfcs, in that da- 
l^reiTed time, that I did not ufc wicked and ? ioieot 
means to cod mj own mifcfj^^lejife. lothemor- 
n ing^wkn they undcrfto.od that my child was dead 
they fcnt for mi home to my Mafters Wigwam : 
( kf my Maftcr in this wrinng, m,uft be ander- 
ftood ^ano^tKy who vfi% a Sa^gam&te^ and mar - 
tied King PhtlU^s wives Sifter; not that bcfirft 
tocP. mc, but 1 wai fold to him by another Nnr* 
rhafa^/et Indmf^ who took mc whciifirft I came 
out of thcGarifon] J went tot^^ op my dead- 
child in my arn^s to cvry it with mc, bu| they bid 
^meUticaloDJ : there was no rcfifting, b«? ;^- CiC I-^> 
^mufl and leave it. When I had been at my maft- 7 
ers wiivpam, I took the firft oppoitutiiry 1 could 
gif,to go look after my dead child : when I came I 
asktthcm what they had done with it? then they 
M4 nitit was upon the hill : tbjcu they went and 

B Ihcwei 


fljcwed mc where it was, where I faw the grouuL 
was newly digged, and there they toid mc they 
had buried it : Tbtre lUjtthat Child in the Wildtr- 
n^fiy a>^d mufi commit j'r, and my [elf alfotnthis 
Wilderntj^'CondittoHf tohim who i% above all. God 
having taken away this dear Cbitd, 1 went to fee 
my daughter Mary^ who waist this fame I»e:^i4« 
Tovon^ BtzWi£vpapn not very far off, tboi^h we 
bad little liberty or opportunity to fee one another: 
{ht was about ten years o\d^8c taken fronn the door 
aifirft by n^Prayin^ Ind ^afterward fold for a goni 
When 1 came in fight, flic would fall a weeping ; 
at which they were provoked, and wculd not let 
mc come near her 5 but bade mcbegoncj which 
was a hcart-cuttiug word to me. 1 had one Child 
dead, anotberin thcWildcrne(s,I knew no; where, 
tbe*third {hey would not let mc come near to: M^ 
fas he faidl havcycbereaved of rr.y Ckildren^ Jofe ph 
f/«c/, tfw^ Simeon iiwof, andytysilltat^e Benjamin 
•i//'?j all thefe things are again B R>f. iccu^dnct 
r-ftillii^ !r: v-ccndifion, but kept, walkir^g liom 
*iie pUcc io ak.other. And as \ was going along, 
.i.y heart wai f%^i overwbelm'd with the thoughrs 
;t '; y conditicijj land tbat I fhouid have Children, 
^y^* a Nation whch J k.f't^ f^^otruhd overt him 
X3i^ t er^apon I ear»;rfiiy entreated the Lord, that he 
would confider my low cflate, and (hcw me a token 
foj good, and if it were his BlrfTcd will, feme fign 
and hope c{ feme rcjief. And indeed quickly tlK 
Lord anrwercd, in fomc mcafure,my poor prsyers; 
— - - '~ For 

Fot as I was goiog up aud down mourning aod h' 
niCDtiog my condition, my Son came torn?, ^d 
asked mc how J did J I had not fccahimbciorc, 
fiDcc the deftrudioa of the Town, and 1 knew noc 
where he was, till 1 was inforcicd ty himfilf , that 
he was amongft a fmaller pcrcclof /«<^w«/, whofc 
place was about fix miles cff; with tears in his 
eyes , he asked me whether his Sifter Sarah was 
dead ; and told me he had fccn his Sifter M^'y 9 
and prayed m?, that f would not be troubled in re- 
ference ro himfclf. The occafion of his coming to 
fee me ac this time, was this : Thfre waSy as Ijatdt 
ahoatfx mikffrom m^ af/>al PUntanon i^'lnai- 
ans, where itfeemshe had bttn dming hu Capiivf- 
ty : and at ihistime^ thert wsre \omc Forcts of the 
\t\d» gathered 0!it of our company ^andfome alfofrom 
ikem \among vphom vpas my Sons mafitr) to «o to uf- 
fault and burn MedfifW : \n thi-$ time of the abfencet 
of his m^^Mer^ his damt brought him tofe ma. I cock 
ih'is to be feme gracious anfwer to my earncil and 
unfeigned defire. The next day, W^. to this, the Itr^ 
diansxzwimtdhomMeapMy ali tbc company, 
for tho'e that belonged to the OLher fmal company,, 
came thorough the Town that now we wcreac 
But before tbcy came to us, Oh ! the outragious 
roaring and hooping thas there was : They b gati 
their diti about a mile before they came to us. By 
thek ticik .led hooping they figmfied ho^v m^ny 
tbcy h^d : i^i oycd (which was at tnar time twcn- 
^ytfarcf.: ihoft that were with us a; home, were 

^atbered together as foonas they heard the hoop^ 
irg, and every time rhat the other went over thtir 
rumbcr, thcfc at home gave a £hoiit, that the very 
Earth rung«gain : And thas they coutioped till 
tt^o^c that t^ad bceo iipon the f xprditioo were come 
tip to the Sagamores ivigr^.am ; and then, Oh, the 
h'deous in'uking and triumphing that there was o- 
vrr feme Sngiilh m^ni fcaips that they bad takco 
(as fhck manner lO and brcoght with ihcm, 1 can- 
rot bur take rotice o^ tYt wcnjct^u!] fiicrcy of 
God to mr in thofe aftl^dtior' ft ndvrg me a Bible 
CvK cf the UMam that came t\ om A^nhfidd 6ghf, 
hnd brrogbt ktne p'under, came to «ic, ai:d a^fCed 
nr*, if I wcu'd hi^v^ a Vible, he had gotoKe in bis 
Bii^ker, I w^fpjadoHf, anda^kcdh-m, \^'hctl?fr 
be thcL^^ht the l^diai^i i^ouM let rac f«r.'»d? }c &n- 
r<rerfr!^Y^^^ ro/tock the Bib^c, snd inthar me- 
la'-chrly timc^ \t cgmeiotomy mind to red fi i\ 
xVt 2,8. C^^'/?. o^^De^t. which J did , acd u-hcn l 
hrd fr?dif, my d3tk hear t uTcughron thismarner, 

1 had ioft my opportuyi^ir^ Bu! the I ord helped rre 
fl ill ro ^O one reading tin /cimc to C/:'£?/?. so the 
(even fir(> vcrfe?, wrerclfcund, Thnevcaswey^ 
f r fyrn.ijfci at ^;>?, f/ »^ VTGfiid Yt'Urn ^okimlyref^r-' 
tf.'hCt ; ord though vre VPtre fca terfd frvm oretrd of 
He / r*rih 'O '-It rihr^yet tht Lcrd noffidr^her ;• 
f. reiler. on^ tuvr) Cf^hhoft QVrkt Uff^v -\<^>- £^tn^if) 
I do rot cicfi-f ic- livcfo fofgf? this l-CNpuirf^ rtr 
u'hut civfTifvu It v.ajtC'mc. ■ M'ovv 

[ IS 1 

Now tke fed. be^an to talk of removing fromthit 
placif fame ont way^ andjome anotinr. There were 
n^,w befidtt my fclf oinc, Engliih Captivss in ihis 
pbce V all of them Chij-drcn, except one VVomaa> 
/ gopc an opporiaaity to go ^^^ tak? my leave oi* 
ibcm*, they being to go one way, aad 1 aaothcr, 
1 aik,'d th,m ^beiherthcy utyc sameji tv>th Qodfor 
ddiyeranGty they told iuc, tncy did as they were 
able, and it was iciiiw ,.OT>foT£ to mc,that the Lord 
ftirrcd Uj> ChUdrtn to look to^Afss. Tdc VVormo" 
-wfA,. Goodwife 'li^tn told me, (he (liou!d never fee 
mc agifn, and tliadh: could fiad in her b:a/f to 
run away; I wifht her not to rui away by any 
mcansjfor we were usar thirty miles from any £«- 
^////) Tda-'w^andflic very big wic^ Child, aad kad 
but one week to reckon ; atad aaorher Child in hcr 
i^rms, two yeary o^d, and bad Rivers there \^^ts to 
^oovcr.& we were feeble, with our poor^^conrf^ 
entertainment. I bad my Bible with m:, i palled 
it our, apd asked her whether (he woaid read^ ws 
opiDcdihe Bible an i lighted on 7f^i. 27, in v^'hich 
Pfalm wc cfpcially rook notice of that, ver, alty 
wait no t he L01 d, Bi (f i cod 60W[^ge^ and hjt fr^d 
flreYtgthtn thine. Hearty vpait \fay m thi Lord. 

^^fljl^ V The fourth Remove. 

jindmv!^ I mu[l part with that UttU Company I 

hid. Here i pir:cd from my Daughtw^r MAry, 

(whom I Of ver faw again till i fa«r her inD-jtulisr^ 

resumed from Captivity, and fr^^m four liule Coa- 

B 3 fins 

[ Id 1 

fins and Neighbours, fomc of which I never fa w afi 
tcrwaid: «bc Lord only knows the end cf them, 
i^moziga them alfo was that poor Woman before 
tTiC niooed, who came to a fad end, as foGQC of the 
company told nic in my travel : She hnvlng much 
g itf upon her Spirit, about her mifcrablc conditi- 
on, being fo ntar her time, fhe would be often ask- 
ing [he Indians to let her go home; they not being 
wilho^ to tha% and yet vexed with feerimportuni- 
ty, git^ered a great company together about her, 
and ftripc her naked, and fcthcrin themidftof 
them; and when they had fung and danced about 
bcr (; in their helhfh manner) as long as they plea- 
Zed, they knockt her on hr ad, and the child in her 
arms wiih her: when they bad done that, they 
ni3de a fire sod put them boih into ir, and to!d the 
ocher Children that were with thcm^ that if they 
attempted to go home, they would fervethemin 
Ijk-: mann-r ; The Children faid, fhe did not fhed 
one tear, butprayed all the while. Buttorcturn 
to n\y own Journey ; wc travelled about half a day 
or little more, and camcEoa defoiate placcin the 
Wildcrnefs, where there were no Wj^w^wj or In- 
hahuanti before ; we cam c about the middle o^Khe 
afternoon to this place ; cold and wet, and (nowy, 
and h'-ingry, and weary,and no refrcfhiog, for rosin, 
but cbe cold ground to fir on, and our poor Indian 

HiCtYt-aKini t'ho tights here I had about my pbov 
Childnn^yfho waefcattsrtd np and dovf^n among*th^ 

■^viU btafls iftheforyejl: My head wrai fight & diiTey 
(ciihcr through huagcr orbard lodging, or trouble 
or alcogethcr > my kaces feeble, my body raw b^t 
futiog double night and day, that! cannot ex prcfs 
to man tbs afflidion that Uy upon my Spirit, but 
the Lord helped me at thaStin^coeKprefsilto 
himfelf. I opened my Bible to read, and she Lord 
brought that ptt clous Scripture to me, ^sr. 31. i5. 
Thus faith tkt Lordy Ycfram thy voictfyom meptng^ 
andthine^ytsjlrom uavijorthy worl^fhallk rewar- 
ded, and they {hall come again from tbt land of the 
Enemy, This-was a fweci Cordial to uie, when I 
WIS ready ro faint, mmy and many a timj have f 
fat down, and wceptTwcietly over this Scripture. 
Ac this place we continued about four daycs. 

The ffih Remove, 
The 9Cca[ton{as ithoHiht) of theiv moving at this 
time^ ipfas^ the Engllfti A^my tt being near afidfol- 
lotting tfpim: For they went, as if they had gone for 
their lives, for foffxc confidcrablc wayjand then they 
made a ftop, and chofc fomc of their ftoutcft men, 
and fcnt them back to hold the Sngltfl) Army in 
play whilft the reft clcapcd: And then, //J^^jehu, 
they marched on fHxiou fly ^ Withthttrold^ and mth 
thstryotiug ifomc carried their old decrepit mothets^^ 
iomi carried one, and jome another. Four of them ^ 
Carried a great Indian upon a Bier; butgoitig 
thi^ough a thick Wood with him, they were bind- 
r«rd, and could make no haft j whereupon they £OQJ< 

fiimapbntbeirbackf, and otrricd him, one ati 
rimt, till they came to Baetjnaui River. Upon a 
Friday y a little after noon wc came to this River. 
Wh^^n all the company wai cotne up, and were ga« 
thercd togelber, I rhought to count the number of 
C hem, but they were fo many, and bciirg fomc what 
in motion, it was beyond my skil. /n this travel, 
becaufeofmy wound, I was fomewhat favoured 
in my load ; 1 carried only my knitting woi k ard 
Wo quarts of parched meal: Being very faint I 
asked my raiftrifs to give me one fpoonfull of the 
meal, but flic would notgic^emcatafte, Tbey 
quickly fell to cutting dry trees, to mal|6.Raft!5 to 
carry them over the river : and foon my turn came 
to go over : By the advancagc of fbmc brufli 
which they had laid upon the Raft to fitupcn, I 
did not wet my foot (whfeb many of tbcmlclvcs at 
the otiicr end were mid-leg deep) which cannot bu t 
be acknowledged as a favour of God to my weak- 
Df d body, ir being a very cold time. I was not be- 
fore arquaiotcd wirh fuch k»nd of doiog* or dan- 
gers- when thou pajjelt through tht wau^j^^i^l be 
with tkeiy arid through tht Riverj^^jSf^^^gm oVcr* 
f tr thee, rfji, 43.2. A ccrrain ntffA^sf (PS got o- 
-er the River that night, but a was the night after 
- §abl^th before all the company wa« ^otovcr. 
fhe S^tu^iay tbey bov^ed an old Horfes le 
-chthcy bad got)aod fo we drank pf the broth, 
^ >fj<^,fiauhfy thought it wa? ready, and when v 
'• ofi all gonr, they railed it up agim. 


" 7lifir(l ^iik^ofmy hifig among them, i hardly 
dte ctny thfng •, i ht (i cotid mc 1^, \f: Mud myftom^cb 
grov v^yy f am*: for ]»mtofJomttloiyil\ and yet it 
Was vtiy hard to git down rjotir filthy trajh : but the 
third rreeki though i couid thfni^howformtrly my 
Bomach would turn a£ainfi tkis or tb^t^ and i coftld 
&ayvi cind dy before i coM eatfach thingt^ pt they 
were fvfeet and favoury to my tafte, J was at this 
time koiteing a pair of white cotton ftockios for my 
miftrifs : and had not yet wrought upon a Sabbath 
day; whai the Sabbath came tticyb^dc me go to 
work ; I io\d them it was the Sabfeaih-day, and dc- 
fjrcd them to let mc rcl>, and tokJ chcm I weald do 
as much more to morrow ; to which they a'nfwcr- 
ed me, they wouW break my face. An J here / can- 
not bur take notice of tbcftrangc providence of 
God in prcferving the heathen: Tbcy were many 
hundeds, old and young, feme fick, and (cnii !-ame 
many had Papoo\ti at tbcir backs,ih-c greatcll nun> 
bcratthisfimcwithus, wtrc SjUaw/, and ihcy 
tovtijcd With all they had, b?gaod baggjge, and 
yet they got over rhis River aforefaid; and on 
Munda^ they kt their ^tgivamt on fife, and away 
they went: On that very day came the Ev,giijh 
Army affcr them to this River, and faw the fmoak 
of their Hi^w^imx, and yet this Rwcr putafiop to 
ihtm . God did not give them courage or 2(fi:iviry. 
to go ov;fr afcei us ; we were not ready for io great 
3 mcxy as v/iclory and deliverance; if wc had b^n, 
God w o j1 i navt fouad ouc a way foe the EngHpi 


to have pafled this River, as well as for the Indian j 
ilftth their Sqftam aud Childreftj and all their Lu^- 
gait: h that my Feopli had hear kf tied to we, anti 
Ifracl had r^lkpd in my xfayi^l [hould foon haveftAb- 
duidtloeirSnefnies^ and turned myhandaiamfi 
their Mver janes y Pfal.81- 15.I4.. 

The fixth Remove. 

OwManday (aslfaid) t hej fet tLeir W]gW2im% 

on fire, and vieVit away. Itwa$acoIdmoroiDg,and 

before as there wasagTcacBrcx)k witbicccnit j 

forae waded thragh it^up to the kncc£& highcr,but 

others went till Ehey came to a Beavcrdam, and I 

apongft them,where ttirougb the good providence 

^f God, I did not wet my foot, i went along that 

daymnurniog andlamcDting, leaving farther luy 

own Country, and travelling into ibcvaftand 

howling pri/rf<rMf/i,andIundcrfiood(omcthiDg of 

Lot\ Wifc'f Temptation, vchen {he looked hack^i 

we came that day to a great Swamp, by the fide of 

which we look up our lodging that night. When I 

came to the brow of the hil,that looked toward the 

Swamp,I thought we had been come to a great n." 

dim Town (though there were none but our own 

Company) The /w^i^w Were as thick as the trees: 

it feerad as if there had been a thoufand Hatchets 

gpingatonce: if one looked before one, there was 

r.oibingbat/K^/^«/, aad behind one, nothiogbut 

mdiansy and fo on cither hand, .Imyfclfmthe 

niidft, andnoChriftianfoulnfarmp, arJyttloow 


C « 1 

mth the Lord pre fevt/id tnc infafety^ Oh the expe* 
rience that ^ have had of thtgoodnsls of ^od^ to m^ 
and mine ! 

ThefevtYitk Rtmovt. 
Afttf a refthfs and hungry night thtre^ We had a 
manfon^e time of it the mxt day. The Swamp by 
which wc lay, was^ai it wef c^ a deep Dungccnjand 
an exceeding high and ftcep bill beforeit. Before 
I gotro tbe top of the hill, 1 thought my brart and 
Itgs, and ail would bavc broken, and failed mc. 
What thro.'gb faintnefs, and forencfj of body, it 
was a grit vous day of travel to mc. ^j we mnt 
along^ I [aw a place where Eog j(h Cattle had hen : 
that was comfort to mtyfmh as tt was : ^tticklyafy- 
terth4tmcametoanEQ§,\\(hTatb, which fo tcc^ 
r^ith mi^ that i thought icttiU havefruiy lytn down 
anddjtd. That day, a little after noun, wecsmc 
to Sci^^ukpiog^ where the iWi^/^f quickly rprcad 
themfclvcs over t'ledcfctted EngUjh FictdSj glcan« 
ing what they culd find; fomc pickt up ears of 
Wheat that were cf ickled down, fome found cars 
o{ Indian Corn, fome found Ground- ojts, ard o- 
tbcrs (hf aves of Wheat that were frozen together 
in the {hockj& went to thrcfhing of them cat My 
feif got twoc:r5of /WiflwCorD, and wbilftJdid 
but turn my back, one of cbcm was Aden from 
. whitb rfiiich srcubfcd mc There came an i^j- 
{Q il^iTi ac thai timej with a basket of Horfc- 
• I a *ed him to give me a piece . whar^ faycs 
::^n)0^i tat Ho^jc-hvn 1 1 told him^l woufd try, 


ill hx would give a pkce, whkb be did, and I /aid it 
ontheccalstoroft; but before it wasbalfrcadf, 
they got half of it away from mc, f# that i wns fain 
to take the tcft and Mt it as it was, with the b-!ocd 
about my mouth, andyttafavourybicitwasto 
tee : For to Phe hmgfy Soul evtry bitUv thmg is 
[met. Afolenmfightmethoughtit waJ, to fee 
Fields of wheat and mdian Corn lorfakco and fpoi- 
kd: and the remainders of thcmto be fo^ for 
car mcrcilefs Enemies. That nigt^ we bad a mcfs 
ofwhcatforcar Sappn*. 

The eiglot Removt, 
Onihemorrcwmornirg we muft go over the 
E.iver,i. e, Gonvii5licot, to meet vvi?b King PhiU^^ 
-two Canrsoos full, they bad carried over, the ne^cc 
Two j my fcif was to go ^ but as my foot was upon 
the Ca^Yioo to ftep in, there was a fuddco oai-cry 
amorg ihem, and j muft ftep back ; and liftcad of 
going ovw the River, j mul^ go four or five miles 
up t!>e River farther Northward. Some of rhe 
jndtmt ran one way, and lomc another. The 
cau^e of this rent was, as j t'lcught, their cfpying 
Toroc Eniltjih Scoiits^vrho were theteabcut. hi 
.this travel up the River ^ abi-ur r^oon the Compa- 
. ny made a fVop, and fate dcwn ^ ('omc to eat, and 
others to rtft thorn. As I fate antongft them, mu- 
iiogof things pad, n^y Son ?oyp^ unrxpcdcdiy 
came to me : we asked o' c--ich ot he rs welfare, be- 
moaning eur dolefull condirioo, and fie change 
ihat Had come upon us: We bid Htntands and 


c»5 ) 

i 'f'atfcerj and CbsJdrcn, and Siftcrf, aid Friends, and 
Relations, and Houfc, and Homc,«aod m^ny Com- 
forti of this Life : but n-ow wc may fay, as Job, 

'■Nal^i^came / omofwj Mothers Womb^ andnai^^ 
edf^:allJ retmn: Tbt Lord gaoCy and tht Lor A 
hgth takfK avpayr Blejfed be the Namt c) the Lcrd. I 
askfd him whicf er be t^r^uld read ; he told mc, he 
earneftlydifiifdir, J gave him my Bible, and 
he lighted upon that comfortable Scripture, P/7i/. 
mZ. 17j i8. I jhall not dj but //rf, and declare the 
norkii (f . he Lord : tU Lord hath chafie^ned mefore^ 
yet hthaih notgtvtn fr cGzet to death. Lock here, 
Mether (kycibe) did vow read this ? >\ndbcre 
) may vkc ccc^ficn to mention one principall 
ground 1)1 my fctting forth thcfeLlnei; cvrnas 
tnr Pfalmrft fayes, 7o deelat^i ike Works cf iht 
Loy^^ end his w,^nc!erfn1I Power in cariying us 
a^oDg, prf'etving us in the Witdem^ji, while 
under i^eEnrmics hanri^and returning or us in fafe- 

> ifapain. -And His goodnefs in bring<ng to my 
hanafo many comfortable and fu'rable Scriptures 
inmydiarefs. ButtoRctu/D, Wc travelled en 
till night; and in the morning, wc mofl go over 
ihf Kivcr to Phiiip'iOew. When I was in the 
C^nnoo, I could notbvtbeamaiedattbcrnti3C« 
pns crew of Pagans that wefc cm the Bank on rhr 
^thcrilde. When Jcamcafhore, they gathered 
all ahout mp, I fitting alone in (he midfl : 1 obfcr- 
vfdttcya^kedone apotbcr qo^fltons, and laugh- 
ed, sud re^oyced ever their Gtinsand Viden'rs. 


C ^4y 

Then my heart beg?n to fail : and I fell a wetping; 
which was the firft time to my remembrance, thac 
J wept before tbcm. Althoogh J had mcC 

with fo mucb Afflidiioo , and my heart was 
many times ready to break, yetcouid J not*£bed 
one tear in their fight : but rather had been all ih js 
while iDamaze,aiidiikconcaftcn!(hed : but now 
Jnaayfayas, Ffal 137.1. By the Rivers of Bzhy- 
Ion, there we [aje down : yta^ wcxKeptMchtnve>'e- 
membnd Zion, There on? of them a^ked me,wJ»y 
J wept, J codd hardly tell what to fay : yet J an- 
fwered, they would kill roc : No, fa'd he, n^nc will 
hurt you.Thcn came oae o' them and gave mc two 
fpoon-fuiliot MealtocomfofC me, and another 
gavcmc half a pint of Peafe; w'^icn was more 
worth than many BaHieU at anotncr time. Then J 
went to fee King Vhilip^ he bade me come in and 
fit down, and a^ked mc whether J wo. Id fmokc it 
(a ufual Complement now adaycsamongfi: Saints 
and Sinners) but this no way fuitcd mc. For though 
I had formedf nfed Tobacco, yet i « ad left it ever 
fincc I was firft taken. U feems to vs a Baity t^e 
Devil iayts to Make men looje their prectous time: 
J remember with (hime, how formtr/y, when I 
bad taken two orth'ee ppcs, J wai presently rea- 
dy for another, (uch a bewitching «hmg It i$: But 
J thank God, he has now g'ven mc p'»wcr over it : 
furcly there are many who ma/ be better imploy- 
cd than to ly focking a ftinking Tobacco-pipe, 
Now the Indians gather ineir forces to go a- 


♦ caS) 
^md North" Hamptoniovct-mght one went about 
yelling and hoodog to give noliGC cf the dcfign. 
Whereupon ibey fell to boyling of Ground nuif, 
and parching of Corn ^ai many as had it>' for theic 
Pfovifion: and in the morning away they went^: 
During mj abodt in this pla^^ V\\\\\^fpak,eto mew 
rj^ak^eajhirtforbti bey, which I did ^ for which k 
^az'i r/)t a ^^ilUni : 1 (fered the worty to mj mafier^ 
but be bdde wt kfepit ; and wi b it J bought a piec§ 
of Horfifiefh, ' Afterwards be asked me CO make a 
Cap for bis boy, for wbich he invited me to Din- 
rer . J went, and he gave me a Pancake, abcut as 
big as two fingers ; it wai made of parched wheat, 
beaten, and fryed in Bears grcafe, but I thought f 
never tafled p'eafantcr meat in my life. There 
was 3 5^A^iv u'hofpskc to me to make a (hirt for 
her ScinrtUpjf 01 v^ bich fhe gave me a piece of Bear. 
Another ajked me to knitapairof Stockins, for 
which fhe gave me a quart of Peafc : J boyled my 
Ptafe and Bear together, and invited my maOcr and 
miftrifs to dinner, but the proud Go/Tip, becaufej 
fcrved them both in one Difh^ would eat nothing:, 
except on bit thathe gave her upon the point of bis 
knife. Hearing that my (on was ccmc to ?bis place, 
J went to fee him, and found him lying flat upon 
t^B ground; } asked him how he could flccpfo? 
hr anfwcced me. That he was not afeep^ hut at 
Fray^t; and ky fa that they might nMobfetvc 
'lat he was doing, J pray God he may rcmcm^ 
r ihefjthingsnpwheis teturncdiniafety. At 


{his Place (the Sun now getting higher) what wiiis 
the beams and heat of the San, and Chc (moak of 
the Wigwams^ J thought I ftiould have been blind, 
I could fcarce difcero one Pf if B>^»st from another. 

Jhjrrc was here one Mary ThurBo^ of MedfieU^ 
bofccinghowitwaswithme, lent me a Hit to 
Wf ar : bat as foon as I was gone, the S^uaw-who 
OfJnzdth^t Mary ThurftorJ came ruoning after 
mc, and got it away agiin. Here vpa t the Squav^^ 
thatgavs mcom^poonfuUof Meal, I putit in my 
Pocket to keep It fafc : yet notwithftand ngfoms 
body ftolc itjbut put five IndiaYi Co^ns m the room 
o»fit: wbichCornt werethegrcarcft P.ovifionj J 
had in my travel fior one day. 

The Indimt returning from Nofth-Himptom^ 
brought with them fomc Horfes, and S'3ccp, and o- 
ther things which they had taken : J dcfi ed them, 
shat th:y would carry me to t-^/o^wy, upon one of 
thoft Horfes, and fell ms for Pow Jer : for fo they 
hid fometim:s difcourfed. J was ottCi ly hcplcfs 
of getting home on foot, the way that i cime. I 
couli hardly bear to think of the mauj weary ftcps 
J had taken^ to come to this place. 

TU ninth Rmove* 
But in ftead of going cither to Albany or home- 
Ward, we muft go five miles up the River, and then 
go over it. Here we abode a while. Here lived a 
lorry mdian^ who fpokc to me to m^« him a fhirt, 
when i had dene it, he woald pay wc notbiog. But 


^e !ivia^ oy the Rivtr lide, wh^ic I ^ j- .ijts v^^- v : , 
fetch water, 1 would often be piKttag ^fbuu 1; 
tniod, and calling far my pay : at Itft he toid icr^f ^i^- 
I would make another flairta for a /^tfpoi/i rot y cr 
born, he Would givcmcakDifc,whlchbedidvc'Hta 
I had done it. / carried the knife in, and my ma 
fleraikcdmetogiveithim, and I was not a'Httlc 
glad that I had any thing that they would accept 
of, and be picafcd with. When wc were at this 
plaee, my Maimers maid came home^ fhehad been 
gone threemekj into theNarrha^anfetComtrf^ 
to fctchCorn,wbere they had (lorcd up fomc in chc 
ground : fbc bronght home about a peck and half 
of Com. This was about the time that their great 
Captain, NaanantOy was killed in the NarYhagan- 
jet Comtny My Son k'mg now ^bout a mile 

from zwf, 1 aik^zdhUriy to go andfet him^ tbtj h^dt 
njt gOy an^ a^Af 2 went : bMt(iuic^yhfimYi(lf\ 
traveling ever Hills and thor ough S^ amp ^ and 
could not find the way to hm, And I cannot bu8 ad- 
mire at chc wonderfull power and goodnefi oj 
Gcdto mc, inthat,thoogh 1 was gone from home, 
ond met with ail forts of W?^^, andihofc I had 
no knowledge of, and there being no Chriftian foul 
near mc ; yet not one of them offered the Icaft ima- 
ginable mifcarriagc to nac. I turned homeward a- 
l,ain;, aud met with my matter, he (hewed roe the 
^ vay to my Son : When I came to him 1 found him 
t)vn well 5 and withall he had a bopl on his fide 
which much troublsd bim : Wc beigoaned one anol 
^ G ^ '^ "'^' thM 

thcr f. Mi • - ^5 ^^l^e Lord helped uf, and then I rc- 
vr^' ,gau:. When I wai returned, Hound my 
,.. jniatisficdasl wasbcforc. I went up and 
^jOwd mourning ?nd lamenting : and my fpirii was 
ready to fiok, with the thoughts of ray poor Cbi! J- 
rcn: my Son was ill, and 1 could not but think of 
bis mournfull looks, and no Ghriftian-Fricad was 
near him, to do any office of love for kim, cither 
for Soul or Body. And /ny poor Girl, ! knew not 
where (he was, nor whither (he was fi^k, or well, 
or alive, or dead. J repaired under tne(e thougbta 
to my Bible ( my great comfort in that time ) and 
that Scripture came to my hand, Caj] thy b^drdlen u- 
ponthe Lo/dj^ndHe (hall fujlain the g, ?i2il$^.2i. 
But I was fain to go and look af icr fomtthing to 
fatisfic my hnngcr,and going amoog thcWt^wamsy 
J U'entintoone, and there found a S^^atsf who» 
fhcwedherfclf very kind to mc, and gave m: a 
piece of Bear. Jputitinto my pocketj and came 
home, but cou'd not: find an opportunity t^ btod 
it, for fear they v^ould get h from me, and there it 
lay all that d=iy and night ia iny flinkmg pockcL 
In the morning J wtnc to the fame i'^u^rr, who 
had a Keitlt; of Ground nuts boy'if^g ; J siksd her 
to let mc boyle my pkcc of Bear in her KeStle, 
which £he did, and gave mc fonic Ground -nuts lo 
<at with it: and j cannot but think how plcafam 
it was to me. J have fometims fceoBcarbakr! 
very handfomly among the En^hjh^^v.d fomc lite^u 
it, but the thooghu ibatit was3ear, made mt 

[ aP J 

tremble : 6ur now that was favoarf to mc that one 
would think was enough <o turn the itooaaca of a 
brait Creature. 

One hitcr cold dafy j conld find no room to fit 
d w*i hefori the pe : I went out^ arJ could nutXeli 
tphat to dot but 1 went in to another Wigwam,w^t e 
thty VPtrc alfoftting vonnd the fire, but the bqud v 
iatMaskjnfor mt^ and bid me fit downy andg v$ m$ 
fomt G'Ound'YiHts ^ and bade me come agam : a^d 
told me they wonld bhj mt^ ifihey were ahlt^ anayti 
tbefe werefiran^en to mc that I never ^w before. 

The tenth Remove. 
That day a^mallpartof the Company removed 
about three quarters of a miUj intending further the 
next day WhcQ they cam*' to the place where 
they intended to lodge, and bai pitched their ^ti/- 
wami'^ being hungry J went agiio backtotnc 
place we wttc before at, to get fomcthirg Co eat : 
being encouraged by the Stjyians kindocfs, wo 
bade mc come agaio; when J va> theie, there 
came an Indian to look after me, who v^hcn he had 
found mc, kickr mc all along : J went home and 
found Venifon roafting that night, but they wou^i 
no? give qjc one bit of it Sometimes J met with 
f avcnr, and fomctimcs with nothing but frowns. 

The eleventh "R^mc'^e. 
The ntxt day tn the morning they took^their Tra* 
W5 mjndhiadayji journey Hf the Rmty j tooS^ 
C 2 my 

[30 J 

njf tedd at my hack, and qaickiy m came to vpadt o- 
vtr the River: and pafjedovif tiresome And mar i- 
fomg hills. One hill was (o ftcep that J was fain to 
creep up upon my knees, and to hold by the twiggs 
and buftics to ktep my felf from falling backward. 
My head alfo was fo light, that J ufually reeled as 
J went j but Jhopcallthefc wcarifbrar fteps jhat 
i have taken, are butaforcwarning^mci^trc 
heavenly reft". I k*iow^ O Lord, that thy ^udgt- 
wems are ri? k, and that thou infaithftikit\i / ajl af 

fii5l€dms,?(a\. 11971* 

Thsffvelfih Remove, 

It rvas upon a S abhath-day-moYran^^. that they 
pvepar$d for their Travel, This mornmg j ask d 
my rosd-er whither be would id! mc to my Huf- 
-band; hcanfwcredmciVwAr, which did much le- 
joycc my fpirit. My roiftrifs, before wc wcnl, 
^.yisgonctorhebmialofa Papocs^ and rcturnirg, 
'iGhc found mc fitting and reading iom? Biblt; flic 
•fnatchi^'d it hsftily cu-: of my band, and threw if our 
of dooH ; 1 nS out and catcht it up, snd put it in:o 
my pockec, snd never let her Ueic afrcfward. 
Xh;-n they psfk dap their things to b'^^^nc, and 
^givc mc my ioad : 1 complained It w^ ? t^ :^ 
whereupon fiic gave mc a flip in the t^c^. 
me go; Ilif edt^pmy heart toGod, iiop 
RedempcioDwasnotfaKoff: and the rather v^ - 
their infolcncy grew wotfe and worfc. 

But the tbouobti of my going homt^v^rdi 



mci^emybmdin^amli^ht^ aud almoft nothing a^ 
all. But (to my amazm-nt and great per pif xit y) 
the Tcalc waiS fooa turned : for w/ieo we bad gonS 
a liitlc way, on a fuddcn my miftrifs gives aur, fh^ 
would go DO further, but turn back again, and faid» 
I muft go back again with her, and £hc called her 
SamnJ^ and would ha?C had him gone back af/o, 
but he would nor, hue faid, He wonid go on^ and 
come to t4^ again in three da jeu My Spirit was u- 
ponthis, 1 cofifcfs, very impaticDr, and almoft 
outragious. I thought/couldas well have dycjd 
^ as went back : I cannot declare the trcubic thai: 
1 wasinaboDiit; but yet back agiinfrauftgo. 
As foon as I had an opporru lity, / tock my Oibic 
to read, and that quieting ^ri^turccamc tomy 
hand, Pjai,^ Be Biil^ and l^f'.QXHf tbatlam 
God. Which ftilied my 1 pit it for the pccfcDi: But a 
fore time of tryaj,! concluded) J hid to go through*. 
My mafter being gone, who fcemcd to mc the bcil 
friend that f had of an Indtaifi ^boih in cold and hun- 
ger, and quickly fo it proved. Down 1 far, with 
fny heart as full as it could hold, and yet To hangry 
that I could not fit aeither : but going oat to fee 
what I could find, and walking among the TrceSj I 
foaod fix y^cro>i/, andtwo D;f/-Kii/;, which were 
foinc refrefhmcot to me. Tc wards Night I gathc - 
red me forac flicks for ray owiicomfort, ih%i^ 
might not ly a-cold: biJt when we came to ly down 
they bade mego out,andlyfome-whefc-c}u% foic 
ihey had company (they faid ) come in mojc th^n 
C i theif 

r s» 1 

their own: I told them, 1 coald not tell whcic t© 
go, ch y bade mc go look; Itoldtbcm, if I went 
to another m^ warn tbey would be angry, and fend 
mhoma again. Then one of the Company drew 
hi* (vo d, and told mc he would run me thorough 
if Idii notg^ prcfcntly. Then Was I fain to ftoop 
to tbis iuie fellow, and to go out in the nght, J 
ka w no whither, 4/^»e eye.< bavcfeen that fellow 
affrwards walktvig Up and down Boftoo, undtrthe 
appearance of a Friend-Indian, andfeverall othgrj of 
ihi ii/^e CtiU I went to one Wtgw^m^ and they 
told mc they had no room. Then I went to ano- 
ther, and th«y faid the fame ; at laft an old I«<//^« 
bade me come to him, and his Squaw g ve me 
fomc Groand-nucf ; (he gave me alfo fomething to 
lay under my head, and a good fire we had : ^ nd 
through the good providence of God, I had a com- 
fortable lodging that night. In ihe morning, ano- 
ther I'ji^^^n bale me corns at night, and he would 
givcmcrixGfoanJ nacs, which I did. We were 
at thif place and time aboac tWi) miles from Con- 
mSlicw River, We went in the morning to gather 
Ground nuts, t^ the River, and wentbaek again 
that mghr, I went with a good load at my bacfe 
f for tbey when they went, though bu« a licrlc wayj 
vouidcarry all their trumpery with them ) I told 
them the skift was off my back, but J had oo other 
com^^oftiogaofwitr from them than ibis^ Thgt it^ 
xpoM b^ nil matter if mjhsad Wire of too, - 

■''■""" J'0 

TbtthirUtnih Removal 
Inlitaiof going toward tht Bay, which was that 
I Jeftrcdf, I mffflgo withthimfivt or fix miles down 
the River into a mighty Thickjft of Brufh ; where w$ 
abodealmofiafoYtmgbt. Here one a$kcd mc to 
make a (hirl for tier Papoosy for which flic gave mc 
tmcfsofmoth, which was thickened withmcal 
made of the Bark of a Tree, and to make it the bet- 
ter, fhe hid put intoitaboutahandWlofPeafc, 
and a few roafted Ground- nuts, J had not f&en my 
fon a prihy while,and here wai an udian of whom 
J made inqairy after him, and asked him when he 
fa w him : he anfwcred me, that fuch a time his ma- 
fter roamed him, ixidthathimfclfdidcatapieceof 
him, as big as his two fingers , aad that he was very 
good meat : But the Lord upheld my Spirit^ under 
tbisdiftOHragtment-^ and i conjtdered their koyrib/c 
addiilsdnsfs to lytnl^and that there is not one of them 
that mak^ts the lean confcunce of fpeaking of truth 
In this place, on a cold nighr, asllay by thefire, J 
remo,ved a ftick that kept the heat from me, a 
S(^Haw moved ic down again, at which I lookt op, 
and (he threw a handfuU of aihes in miae eyes j J 
thought J fhould have been quite blinded, and 
have aevffr fcen more : bat lying down, the water 
run out of my eyes, and carried the dirt with it, 
that by the morning, I recovered my fight 3gain. 
Y<t upon this, and the like occafioos, I hope it is 
not too much to fay with Jot, H^ve pittj upon mCj^ 
hay^putiufoumt^ ye my Friends Jar the Hand 

' ' of 

t 34 J 

rfthe Lofd ha4 tduehed me. And here I caanot but 
remember how many times fitciog iftheir (^'ij^- 
rvaws^ and mafin^on things paft, I ftsoufd fuddcn- 
ly leap up and run out, as iff bad Seen at home, 
forgettiog where I was, and what my conditioa 
was: Bi¥ when I was without, and faw nothing 
but Wildtrnefs^ and Woods, and a company of bar- 
barous heathens: my mind quickly returned to me, 
which made mc think of that, fpokea concerning 
$ ^wp/uw, who faid, 1 »i///o out andjloakf myfelfas 
at other times J but he wifi not that the Lord was de- 
fi rtedfrom him. About this time 1 began to think 
that all my hopci of Reftoratlon would come to no- 
tbiag. I thought of the Sn^ lifh Army, and hoped 
for their coming, and being taken by them, bat 
that failed, I hoped tobc carried to %yiihany^ at 
the Indians had di'covirfed before, but that failed 
alfo. I thought of being fold to my Husband, as 
my m after fpalve, butin ftcsdof that, my mafler 
himTclf \fii% goaf, and j left behind, fo that my Spi- 
ric was now qaitc ready to fink. J asked ihem to 
let me go one and pick up (omc flicks, that j might 
gc^ alone, ^nd poureoutmyheart fAnto ihe Lord. 
Thcnalfoj took my Bible to read, but j found do 
comfort here neither: which many times j was 
went CO find : So ea;te a thing it u Wih God to dry 
up th<!'StY eames cf ScripUYf comfort frcm m. Yet 
j can ray,that .n a'l my forrdws snd a(lli>3ion«,Go4 
did not leave mc to have my impaticrce woikfo- 
wards himfcir, as \{ his wayes were uprigb:eeii5 : 

[ is ! 

But / knew that be laid upon me Icfs then j dtfewed 
Afccrtvard, before this do!«k;(2 time ended with 
mr, 1 was turning the leaves oi my Bible, and the 
lord brought to mc fomc Scriptures, whicfa did a 
little revive me, as that lfai.s<;M For my thoughts 
are not yourthoHgtt^ yitither are your waygi my ways 
faith the Lord, And alfo that, Ffal.^7.^, Commie 
thf w^y wnta the Lord^ truft alfo m him, and hefhal 
bring it to pafs. About rhis time they came 

yelping from Hadly^ where they had killed three 
lEngUlh wfw, and brought one Captive with them, 
viz.^ 7 homat Read, They all gathered about the 
poor Man, aiking bim many Qucftlons. 1 dcfir* 
edairotogoand fee bim; and when I came, he 
was crying bitterly ; fuppofirg they would quickly 
kill bim. Whereupon j asked one of them, whc- 
thcnheyinten^cdtokillhimj he anfwcrcd roe 
they woald not: He b'eing a licrlcchcafcd with 
that, [ asked him about (he welfareof my Huf- 
thacd,he told mc he faw bim fuch a time in the^^y 
and he was well, but very mclanciclly. By wbicb 
I certainly undcrftood [though i f:^ f peeled it bif ore \ 
that whatfoevet the irJians £oI J me refpe ding him 
was vanity and lies. Some of them told me, he 
was dc3d,andthcy had killed him: fome faid he 
wa5 Married agau),a^dt^acrheGovernour wifh 
cdhiiivro?vlairvi an4 fold him he £h>uld bavc 
his qboicr, and ihae a'l perfwaded I Was dead So 

: Wc/e riKi'c b.Kbarou5 crear-jres to him who 

'5 a lyai' fiom t^ie begirning. 


As I wasfijdng mcc ia the Wiiwivn here, PhWlps 
Maid came to with the Child ia btc arnis^and ask* 
cd mc to give her a piece of my Apron, to make a 
fl^pfotit. Itoldhcrl wouldnot: then myMIft; 
riff bad mc give it, bat ftill I faid no: the maid told 
jnc if I would not givs her a piece, flie wculd tear 
a piece off it ; [ told her I Would tear her Coat tbeo 
with that my Miftrifs rifci up, and takes op a ftick 
Bigenooghto have killed mc, and ftruckat me 
\^ith it, but J ftcpl out, and fte ftruck the ftick into 
the Mar of the Wigwam. Bdr while £he was pull- 
ing of it ottt, j ran to the Maid and gave her all my 
Apron, and fo that ftorm went over. 

Hearing that nay Son was come co this place, ! 
went to fee him, and told him his Father was well, 
but very roelancholly : he told me he was as much 
grieved for his Father as for himfclf ; 1 woodred at 
hiifpecch, for Ithoughr I had enough upon ray 
fpirit in rafcrcoce to my fe'f, 8o make mr mindlcfs 
of my Husband and every one clfc : they being fafe 
among their Friends. He told meaWo. that a while 
bcforf, his Mafter (together with other mdiam) 
where going to the Frsnch foe Powder ; but bj the 
way the AfohawkjruQt with them, and' killed four 
of their Company which made the reft turn back 
again, for which I dt fire that my (elf and he mav 
bJefsthc Lord ; for it mlgh: have been woffc with 
him, had he bcca fold to the F/'*;5C.(7, than it pro- 
ved to be ia his remaining with the ^ndians 

I wenttofce an £w^r/]ft Youth in this pl^ce, one 


?ohn Gilberd of Spring fi id } found hitn lying. 
withoacdorcs,upoiico goaid; jiskcdhimhoW 
he d«d ? he to^d me be wa$ very Tick of a f ux,with 
eating fo \n\x:h blooi : I icy had taracd bim out 
of ihc Wigwam, and with him an mdian Papoof^ 
almoft dead, ( whole Parents had been k'Hcd) ia a 
biitrf cold day, without fire or clothes : the young 
manbimfelfhad nothing on, but hs> fhirt & waft- 
coat* Ttiisfigltwas cnougi tomelt a heart of 
fliat. There thcyliyqaivcrmg in the €o!d,the 
youth rojnd like a dog, the Papooi ihcrchc our, 
with his eyej and nofc and mouth full of dirt, and 
yffC aiivc, and groaning, j advifed John to go an d 
gcc to fomc fire : fee told me he con-d not ftand , 
but f pecfwaded him ftill, left he fhould ly there 
and die : and ^ath much adoe j got him to a fire , 
and went my fcif horn?. As foon as j was go« 
home, his Mailers Daughter came after me, to 
know what j bsd done wi\h the Englilh mayt,} told 
hf r i had ^ot him to a fie in fach a place. Now 
hid j need to pray Fault Prayer, 2 The jf^i,t. That 
We*nay be deitversd f^om ttn-eafonab^e and wicked 
men. For her fatisfi(fiion ] went along with her,, 
and brought her to inu ; bat before j got horns 
ag3in,it wasnoifcd -ibout,thac j was running away 
and getting the £o^/2/foyou:h: along With me.r 
that as Toon as I came la, rhcy b.egan to rant and 
domineer: asktagme Wierejhad bsea , andwhaE 
j had been doing? and faying :bey wrald knock 
himi on Ibe head : I fold them, j hqd been feeing 


^ 138 3 
the EtfgUlh YiHthf and that/I would oof rao tway^ 
they told mc I lycd, and takiog up a Hatebct, tbey 
came tome, and faid they woatd knock me dowa 
iflftirredcuragaia; and fo confined me to ihe 
Wigwam. Now may J fay \^ith David, z Sam. 24. 
14. laminaireatflrait. If! keep in, 1 mafk dy 
mth hunger, and if I go out, / muft be knocktin 
head. This didrefTcdGoadicion held that day, and 
half the next ^ j4nd thin the Lord Yimtmbndmti 
vpho]e mercy es are great Then came an Indian to 
me with a pair offtockings that were too big for 
^m, and he would have mc ravel them oat, and 
knit them fit for him. I ihcwcd my felf willing, 
and bid him ask my mf^rifs if imigbr go along 
with him a little way; (he faid yes, jmight, butj 
was not a liitic rcfrcfht with that news, that J bad 
my liberty again. Tben J went along withbim, 
and he\gavc mc fome roaftcd Grcund-outs, which 
did again revive my feeble flomacb . 

Being got out of her fight; jhsd time and liber- 
ty again to look into my Bible: Which nas my 
Guidbyday, afidmyTtil^whyntghi. Now that 
comfonable Scriptute prcf: uted n fclf to tncjf^,^^ 
7. Fora/mal mcment tave ijo'fak^^ff thtt,hiAtwitb 
great mercies "v't^l I gather tl&iC, J.^iusthc Lord car- 
ried me along from one tmi to anochc?, andmAde 
good to me this precious promife, and m^^i o- 
Eherf. Then my Soncamgto jet r^^s^ andj^sisk?d 
hij iTiaftct to kt him ftay a while w ich mc, thar J 


IJ9 3 

nnght comb his bead, and look over him, for be 
was almort tver conie with lice. He told me, 
when 1 had done, that he was very hungry, but i 
had nothing to relieve biiii; but bid him go into 
th& Wigwams as he went along, and fee if he could 
ga any tbiug among them. Which he did, and it 
fetmcs tarried a little too long j for his Maftcr was 
angry with him, and bfa? him, and then foldbim. 
Then he came ruoorng to tell me be had a nc wMaf- 
tcr. and that he bad given bimfomc Grouodauts 
already. Then I went along with him to his new 
Mafccr who told me he loved him : and be fhonid 
not want. So his Maftcr carried him away, & j 
never faw bim afterward . till j law him at Taf 
CAtacjm'm Portsmouth, 

That night thev bade me go out of the Wigwam 
agiin : my MiftriiTej Papoos was Tick, and it died 
that ni^ht, and there was one benefit in ir,tbat there 
was more room. J wcntfoa wii^awj and they 
bade mr come in, and gavemcaskintoly upon» 
and a mcfsolVenfonandG round-nuts, which v}:k^ 
a choice Didi among them. On the morrow tbey 
burricd the *P^;?(j(?;, and afterward, both morning 
aad evening, there came a company to moufo 
and howlc with her: though j coftfefs, j coaldnos 
mach conaok with them.: tf^Jfe^ forrowfdi 
day^ j bad in this place: often^tting aloac; 
likeaQrane^ Of a Swftlhvs^ {o did i cbattsr : jdid 
mGum as aDove.m'fte tytsfail with look^tjg Hpward 
<^^, lord] amofire^id ^HYidmakjifor f^ii\kjl% 14 


I could tell the Lord as h^zf^fyahy vcr.3. Rtmrn- 

htf ro^ O Lortiy I hfeeeh trjtf^korv I havt Tpalt^sd 
tifoYC t/o€c tn truth. Now had I time to examine al 
my waycs : my Ccnfciencc did lot accufe mc of 
un-r jgbtcc urncfs toward one or other : yet i faw 
how inm y wa^k with God, 1 had becnacatC^Js 
creature, k^ David h'ldj^^amfi tka^ thee only 
have \fiy^(d:&il might fay with the poor Publi- 
eaa, God be wtrCiful ttfrto me a ftr^mr* On the Sab* 
ba^h- dayci, \ coold lock p n the Sua and think 
bow People were going to the houfc olGod, to 
have tbeir Souls refrcfht : & then home, and their 
bodies alfo: but I was d^ftitutc of both ^ & mtght 
fay as the poor Prodigal, he tv^uld jajn have filled 
hi tiHy with tht hmkj that ihe 5 »/«£? aid eat^ andno 
maniavtnntohimylMk^ 15.16 For /muftfay 
with hioi, Father 1 huvc jtnntd agauifi Heavm^ 
and in thy (ight^ vcr zi, i remcrabrcd h#w on the 
nighi before & a^ter the Sabb: tn, when my Fami- 
ly was about tne , and Relations and Neighbours 
with us, we could pray and fmg, and tbtn refrefh 
our bodies wub the good creatu'^esof God ; and 
then have a comfortable Bed 10 ly down on: tut 
infteadof all this, i hadooly aiittk Swill for the 
body, and then like a Sw oe, muft ly down on the 
ground. I cannot ^ xpccfsto man the fonow that 
by upon my Spiric, the Lord knows it. ^etthat 
comfortable Scriptae would often come to my 
mind, For ajm^li nomevt huve Ifctfakfn thtty htit 
With£Y§fit mcrcfti mi li^thir thif. 


The fourteenth Remove^ 

' Now tmll wc patk up and be gone ftom this 
Thicket jbcoding our courfc toward the Bay-towns 

1 havcmg nothing to cat by the way this day, buf a 
U^ crumbs of Cake, that an mdian gave my girlt 
the fame day wc were taken. She gave it me, 
aad 1 put ic ia my pocket : thcce it lay, til/ it was 
fo mouldy ( for want of good baking^ that one 
could not tell what it was made of, it fell all to 
crumbs, & grew fo dry and hard, that it was Hkc 
little flints; &thi$rcfr«fhcd me many times', 
when! Was Tcadjr to faint. It was in ray thoughts 
when I pat it into my mouth j that if ever I return- 
ed, I would tell the World what a blcfTing the Lord 
gave to fuch m^an food. As wc went along, they 
killed a Vuy^ with a yoaog on^ in her . they gave 
mc a piece of the Favpn^ and it was fo yo»ng and 
tender, that one m'ght cat the bones ai well as the 
flcfh, and yet 1 thcfughtit very good, w hen night 
cams on we fite down , it rained, but they quickly 
got up a Bark Wigwam, where I lay dry that 
night. I locked out in the morning, and many of 
.1 had line in the rain all night, Ifawby their 
king. Thus the Lord dealt mercifuHy with 
nany limes . and 1 fared better than many of 
Id the morning they took the blood of the 
f<r^; and pat it into the Paunch, andfo boyled 
' «;oald eat nothing of that , tboogh they ate ic 
^;?:Jly, And yet they were fo oice in other tbiogs, 

ihzt when 1 bad (ctcht v^atcr, and had put the Dift 
I dipt the water with, imo the Kettle of water 
which 1 brought, they would fay,they wculd 
knock mc down j for they faid,itwas a flatuih 

Tht fifteenth Remote. 
Wewentonoar Travel, Ihaviog gotooc 
handfall ol G round- nut j,for my fopport that day 
they gave me my load^snd j wcdc oa cbcci^fully 
[ with ihc thoughts of going homewardj haveing 
tny burden more en my back than roy fp.rit : we 
came to Baquatfg Rmr again that day, near which 
wcabodeafcwdaycs Sometimci <ri" of them 
wcu'dgivcracaPipCj another a lixfie Tobacco, 
aooihcr a little Salt: which 1 would change for a 
little Vidttals. I cannot h\xt think whaf a 
Woivifh appctife pcrfons have in a ftarving 
cosditJQn : for many rimes when they gave mc 
ghat which was hot, I was fo greedy, that 1 (hoii'd 
burn my mouth, that it would CroobU rac houfs af- 
eer, and yet I fiould quickly doth; fa.xc agaie. 
And afre^ I ^ as thorougly hungry, I was never a- 
gain fatisficd. for though fometimcs it fell cur, 
that i got enough, and did eat tilll could eat no 
moer, ycr I was as unfatisficd as J Wa$ when I be- 
gan. And now could J (ec that Scripture 
(there being many Scriptures which we do not rake 
notice of, or undcrftand till we arc affli&ed ; MiB, 
6-14., Thou fhalteatandnotbe/atfjfied. No.-** 
mi^ht I fee more t|ian cv^t betote^ttie mifcrks tha t 


fin hath brought upon us: MaDy times I ffaould bt 
tbtdy to ma out againft the Hcatheo, but thr Scri- 
pture would quiet racagain,-4wo/, I 6, Shalthere 
be evil tn the City^ and th^ Lord hath not dont it ? 
The Lord help me to mak« a right improvmeot of 
His Word, and that I might learn that great Icflbn, 
AiiC. 6. <?,9» He hath [hewed thct {Oh Man) what 
isgood^ andvphat doth the Lord require ofthce^ hut to 
dojuSily^ anUlove mercy ^ and walk.humbl} with thj 
Ood} Heariethsrod^ andwkobathaplomtedit^ 

Tkepxteenth Rewovel 
Wi begun this Remove vpith wading ovtr Baqugg 
River : the water was »p to the kneeiy and the fir earn 
very fwtftj and fo cold that 1 thoitglt it would havs 
cut me infunden j was fo weak and feeble, that i 
reeled as I went along, ard thougbt there 1 muft 
end my da yes at laft,af{f^r my bearing and getting 
thorough fo many difficukies; the Indtam ftood 
laughing to fee me daggering along: but in my 
diftrefs the Lord gave me experience of the trn:b, 
and goodqcis of that promife, !/<?/. 4|« a. What 
thofipafftH^iherough the Waters^ I willbtwiththeCj 
and through the Rivtrt^ thejjhail not overflow thte. 
Then I fat down to put on my ftockins and fiiocs, 
w ith the tearcs ruft tu^g down mine eyes, and uiany 
fotrowfull thoughts in my heart, but 1 gat up togo 
along with them.Quickly there came up to us aii !«-' 
diaffy whQ informed them, that I rouft go loWachH- 
Jit to niy naaftf r, for ttwre was a Letter come f'rom 

I 4* J ^ 

thtCo\}nc\\ to the Saigamrff 9 about itdccmbg 
the e«ptives, and that rbcrcwoold be another in 
fourteen day es, and that I muft be there ready. My 
heart was fo heavy before that 1 could knee fpcak 
or go in the path 5 and yet now fo light, that J 
could run. My ftrcngth fecmcd to come again, and 
recraic my fee ble knees, and aking heart: yet it 
plearedthcmtogobut one miFc that night, and 
there we ftayed two dayes. In that tio^ccamca 
company of \ndiam to us, near thirty,ali en horfe- 
back. My heart skipt within mc, thinking they h ad 
been Englishmen at the firft figbl of thero, for ifacy 
wercdrcffcd in £«^///fc IppSrcI, with Hats, white 
Neckcloths,, and Safhes about their W3fts,and Rib- 
bonds upon their (houlderi : lut whec iht y came 
near, their was a vaft difference between the love- 
ly faces of Cbriftians, and the foul looks of tbofe 
Heathers, which much damped my fpirit again. 

Tbefcventiewh Remove, 
tA comfoftahlt Removtit vpas toi-yt^^ hecaufeof 
my hopes. They gave me a pack, and along we 
went cbearfolly ; but quickly my will proved more 
than my ftrcngth; haviig litrfe or no tcfrefbing 
my ftrcngth faffed me, and my fpirit were aimoft 
quite gon?. Now may I fay with 'Davii^ Pfal. 
1/^^22,13,24. lampcoYaridnudy^ andmyhtait^ 
is vpo^yided mthih mt, 1 am gone iikf th t f}adoi» Pfh§n]^ 
it dti'intth : I am tojftd af anddovpn hks the Jocupi' 
^) k,htc$ are mak^throitihfaflifJii and mjpp^faiH 

xhtCoMnciiiotht Sa£gamorfSy about fedccmbg 
the e^ptives, and that ibcrc would be another in 
fourteen day es,and that I muft be there ready. My 
heart was fo heavy before that 1 could fcatce fpcak 
or go in tbc path 5 and yet now fo light, that J 
could run. My ftrcngth feemcd to come again, and 
recruit my fee ble knees, and aking heart: yclic 
plcafedthemtogobut one mile that night, and 
there we flayed two dayes. In that tin^ccamca 
company ofhdians to us, near thirty,al! en borfe- 
back. My heart skipt within mc, thinking they h ad 
been EngU^men at the firft figbl of thero, for ihcy 
wercdrcffcd in Engltfh i^ppSrcI, with Hats, white 
Neckcloths,, and SaOics about their wafts,and Rib- 
bonds upon their (houidcri : lut whea tht y csme 
near, their was a vaft difference between the love- 
ly faces of Gbriftians, and the foul looks oftbofg 
Heathers, which much damped roy fpirit again. 

Tbefeventeenth Remove^ 
tA comfortablt Remove it rvas totm^ hecaufsoi 
my hopes. They gave me a pack, and along w< 
went cbearfoHy jbutquicklv my Will proved mon 
thanmyftffDgth; haviig littfe or 00 refrefbing 
my ftrength failed me, and my fpirit were atmofl 
quite gon?. Now may I fay wttb "Davii^ Pfal 
i/pf 22)»3324. \ am pcoY and needy y andmyhem 
itvcomded vftthihme, \am gane lik^the pjadomfVihfi 
it dii initio : I am to{[td uf anddovpn like the locu/b 
^y khces are Vftak^throuihfafiingi and mjppiay' 


«tb offatnefs. At night wc came to an IndianTom^ 
»n6 the Indians Utc do^n by a Wtiwam difcd- tf- 
ing, bur J wai almoft fpctjt, and co 'Id fcarcc fp ak. 
I laid down my load, and weoi into the M^j« w^**??^ 
and chcrc far an Indian boy ling of Horjesfett (they 
beiqg woot tu eat tbc flcAi fir(^, and whc n the ten 
wrrc old and dried, and ihcy Had nothing eire.thcy 
would cut off the feet and u(c them ) 1 ask d bim 
to g\?e mc a httic of his Broih, or Water rbcy were 
boiling in ^ he took a dilh, and g<i vc mc one I poot\- 
fall of Sampj'aod bid mc take as mi xh of the Broih 
as I would Then / put 'omc of the hot water td 
theSarop, and drank it up, tndmy fpiriteanca- 
gain. He gave tnc aifo a piece of the RufFor Rid- 
ding of chc Imall Guts, and i broiled it on the coais; 
and row may 1 fay wi th ]onathan, Ser, I pray ro//, 
how mine eye ibaz/chicn enltihtinedy because] tail- 
ed a Itttlg of this honey y \ Sam^ 14, 29. Now is my 
Spirit revived agaih, tbcugh means be oevcr fo in- 
confidcrable, yet if theLordbcftowhisbUlTiog a* 
pen them, they (hall tcfcefh both Soil and Body: 

Tki eighttenth Remove. 
Wttookti^ our fackj and along X9€ v^tnt^ hut a 
'Wearifctne day I had of it. As we wenc along I faw 
an Englijh-man ftript naked, and lying dead open 
the ground, bm knew not who it was! Then wc 
c«mc to another \ndian Tovfn^ where wc ftayed all 
eight. In this Iowa there were fottf Englilh Chd* 
drf9i|Captm$s ancl oneof them my cWa Sifters. 

Da I 

( 4* 5 
1 went to fee liow the did> and £hc was Well, con* 
fidcring her Captive-condition, I would have tar- 
ried that night with her, but they that owned her 
would not fun'cr it.. Then I went into aooiher iVig-* 
wam^ where they were boyling Corn and BcanI, 
which was a lovely fight to fee, but J could nor get 
a tafte thereof. Then I went to another Wigwaw^ 
where there were two of the £nglijh ChtldreKyth^ 
SquappwsLsboyWngHorfesfett, then (he cuinJe 
off a little piece, and gave one of the Eyigiijh Chil- 
dren a picee alfo. Beirg very hungry I had quickly 
eat up mine, but the Child could not bite if, it was 
fo tough and finewy, but lay fucking, gnawing, 
chewing and flabbering of it in the moutb and hand, 
thenl took it of the Child, andcatitiny fclf, and 
favouty it was to my tafte. Tb^n 1 may fay a» 7^0^ 
Cb^p. 6.7, The thit}g% that myjoul rtfoled 10 touchy 
art as my forrcwfull meaU Thus the Lord pjadc 
that plcafant rcfrcfliing, which another tiinc 
Would have been an abomination. Then i went 
home to my mii^reffcs Wig^cim ^ and they told ms 
J difgraccd my mailer with begging, and if 1 did T® 
any more, they would knock me in head : I told 
Xhtmy they had as good knocii me 10 bead as ftarvc 
me to death. 

The nlmttmh Ren:o'US. 

Thiyfaid^when v;s m^^i Ofit, that we wuft havd 

loWacbufct this day. But a bitter weary day 1 had 

of it, travelling now three dayes togcther,wi.thoar 

reftingany day between^ Athi^j jftcrmany wea- 

I 4/ J 
ryftcps, Ifaw WaciuJethiWsy bat many miles off. 
Then wc came to a great Swampy through whicb 
wc travelled ap to the knees, in mad and water, 
which was heavy going to one tyred before. Be- 
ing almoft fpcnt, I thought I fhoald have funk 
down at Iaft,and never gat out; bat I may fay, as 
in Ffaf. 94.18. lVh§n my footjlippedy thy mercy ^ O 
LordhtUmeup. Going along, having indeed my 
life, but little fpirit, Phtlip^ who was la the Com- 
pany, came up and lookmcby tbehaad, and faid. 
Two vpeeh ynore ^nd you (hal bs Miftrefs again* I 
asked him, ifbfcfpakctrue ? hcan^wersd, Yes, 
and tjiuickjy you (hal comt to your nsajler aimn\ who 
had been gone from us three weeks. A fter many 
•weary fteps we eamc ro Wachuftt^ where be was .- 
and glad 1 was to fee him. He asked mc, When J 
■najl)t me ? J told him not this month^then he fctcht 
. me iomc water himfelf, and bid mc wa(h,and gave 
me [he Glafs to fee how j lookt; and bid his Squaw 
give me fomcthing to cat : (0 fhc gave me a mcfs 
of Beans and meat, and a little Groundnut Cake. 
1 was woadcffally revived f^ith this favour (he Wed 
me, Pp/. io<5, 46 He made tbem alfo to be pittied^ 
of all thof: that carrkd them Captives. 

Aly mafierhad ikres Sqaaws, liviyig[omenmt:t 
ye^i'.h o;;r, and fometimgs mth amthsronfy this old 
vSquaw, at ixho]e Wig^^an 7 tvas^ and mth rybom my 
AiaUcr hadhttn thole ihrei mtkt* Another wai 
Wettimoye^mih whom I had lived and ferved all 
this wbile : A fcvcrc and pioud Dame fhe was p, 

D ^ beRovv^' 


fecftowlnj; evffty day in drcffiog her fcif neat a* 
niueh time as any of th Gentry of the land : pow" 
dering;hcrnair, and painring her face, going v^ith 
Ncck-Iaccs, with Jewels in ner cars, and Bracelets 
upon her hands: When (hehaddrclT^cd herfcff,hcr 
V7 j\k ^zi to trukc Girdks o\ Wampom and Biads, 
The third S^jaaw wo$ a younger one, by whom he 
had fwo Papoojes. By that time I was refrcfht by 
theo^d S^ !</?«', with whom mymaftcr was, ^f'fr- 
tiworts Maid came to call me home, at which I fell 
a Weeping. Then rhc old Squaw told mr, to encou- 
ragcmc, ihatif I wanted vidlualf, j fliouldcomc 
to her, and that j £h uld ly there in her l^f^tr^m. 
Then j went widi the maid, and qaickty came again 
and lodged there. T he S^aavr laid a Mat under me, 
^nd a good Rugg over mc; the firfttimcjhad 
any ( ch kmdncls (hewed me. J ooderftood that 
netttmore thought, that if (he (hould let me go and 
(cfvc with the old S:juaw^ (he would be in danger 
to Ioofe,notonly my fcrvice, but the redemption- 
pjy ^Ifo. And j was not a little glad to hear 
thiij bsingby it raifedinmy hopes, that in Gods 
due time t lerc would bcancndof thisforrowfull 
hour. Then came an Indtam and aiked me ro knit 
him three pair of Sfockms, for which j had a Hat, 
snd "I filli. Handkerchief. Thf n another aiked me to 
iTiak i^er a (hi/r, (or which (he gave mc an Apron. 
1 hen Cutne Tom and Peter, wtth thcfecond Let- 
ter from the Council^ about the Captwes» Though 
tacy wcrclfli^/^^j, j gat them by the hsnd, and 


burft out into tears; my heart wa$ fo full that J 
CO uld DQLt fpcak to them ; but recorering my fcif, j 
asked tbcm how my busband did, & all my fricndf 
and acquain ancc (^ they hidjTh^y areMl very well 
b»tmelancoh/y. Thcf brougblmeiwoBiikcts,and 
a poun J of Tobacco. The Tobacco j quickly gave 
away ; when it was aU gooc^ODC abkcd mc to give 
him a pipe of Tobacco, \ told him it was al! gone j 
tlsen bggan hs to rant and threaten, I tojd hiaa when 
myHasband camti v^c uld give hinafome: Hang 
hint Rogm {fayeshe) 1 mil f^nvck^out kis brains^ tf 
he comes here. Arid then again, in the fame breath 
they would fay, That tfthert fhmid come an hund- 
dred without Gttffs^ th:y xvonld do them no hurt. So 
unliable and like mad men they xvcre. So that fear- 
ing the wofft, I durfi: not fend to my Husbind, 
though there were (ome^boiighrs of his coming to 
Redeem ^id fetch m?, not kaowmg what might 
follow ; Foit theft wa i little wore trufi to them theft, 
to themafterthefleyved. When the Letter wax 
come, ths Saggamores met to eonfalt about the 
Captives, and called me to them to enquire how 
much my husband would give to redeem me,whcn 
I camel fate down among them, as J was wont 
to do, as their manner is : Then they bade mefland 
up, and faid, thej were the General Court, Thiy 
hid me ffeai^ what I thought he wottldgive^ Now 
knowing that all we had was deftroyed by the 1«- 
diant^ i was in a great ftrai.t: I thought if I floould 
fpeak of but a Iittle,it would be flighted, and hin. 



dcr the milter ; if of a great fom, Ikne ir not where 
i) wouid be procured: yet at a venture, IfaicJ 
Twenty pomdf^ yetdcfircd them to take lcf$5 bat 
they would not hear of that, bat fcot that meffagc 
to Bvfionj that for Twtnty pomdr^ \ /hould be re- 
deemed. It was a Praying-7«df/'<2« that wrote their 
letter for them. There was another Praying I«- 
dian^ who told me, that he had a brother, that 
would not cat Horfc; hisconfciencewas fo tender 
and fcrupulouj ( thougfa as large as bell, forthedc* 
dcfiru(ftionof poorC&^/y?/V?«j) Thcnhcfaid, he 
read that Scripture to him, zKings^S 25. Thtrt 
^as a famimin Saiparia, and tehold they befieged it, 
uriUll an Ajfes head was fold for fonrfcore puces cf 
filver, and the fourth paYt ef a Kab of Doves dung^ 
for five ^lecei of [tivif. He expounded this place 
to his brochtr, and flbcwcd him that it was lawful! 
to eat that in a Famine which is not at another 
ihrie. And now,faycs hc,he will cat Horfe with any 
Indian of them all. There was another Praying- 
lM£^/t7p,wbo'wbcn he bad done all rbc mifchicf than 
he could, betrayed his own Father into the Effglijb 
bands, thereby to purchafc hij own life. Another 
Pray ing-I>i^/^3 was at Sudhiry-fight , though, as 
he deserved , Vc was afterward hanged for it, 
There was another Praying \ndta>iy fo wicked and 
cfu'l, as to wear a firing about his neck, ftruoj^ 
with Chriftiam fingers. * Another Pfay!Dg-/«<5//;j«, 
when they went to SudbHYy'fiiht^\9ttit\fi\i\{ them^ 
aidhisS^^^Fpalfo withbim,with h^xFapooi at her 


I fi 3 
back: Before they went to tfjat fight, tficygcra 
company together to Foitfav^ j the manner wa$ as 
foUoweth. There v^as one that kneeled upon a 
^eer-skifti with tbe company round him in a ring 
who kneeled, and ftrikiog upon the ground with 
their handf, and with fticks; and muttering or 
humming with iheir mouths, bcfides bim who 
kneeled in the ring, there alfo ftood one with a 
Gun in his hand : When he one the Dter^sk^n made 
afpecch, and all manifeitcd afTcnt to it: and fo 
they did many times together. Then they bade 
bim with the Gun go out of the rJDg, which he did, 
but when he wa^ our, ?bey called bim in again j but 
befcemedto make ailand, then they called tbe 
moreearncftly, till re returned again : Then they 
all fang. Thcnt^cyiave bim two Guns, in cither 
hand one : And fo he on the Dfo-sktn began a- 
gaid;; and at the end of every fcntencc in his fpcak- 
ing, they aliafTentcd^ humming or muttering with 
their mcu'.hes, and ftrikingupon the ground with 
thcirhands. Then they bade him with the t(^o 
Guns go out of the ring again ; which he did, a lit- 
tle way. Then they called him in again, but he 
jmade a (land ; io they called him with greater car- 
neftncfs; but he ftood reeling and wavering as if 
he knew not wbiihec he fhould ftand or fall, ot 
which way to go. Then they called him with ex- 
ceeding great vehemency, all ofthtra, ODcanda- 
notber: after a lirtle while he turned in, ftaggcr- 
ingashewcdi, ^ich hisArmcsltretchcdout, in 
^ >' cither 

cither hand a Gun. As foon as he came in, they 
all faog and rejoy ccd exceedingly a while. And thea 
^.oarv.-hc ij^^mi& the DetY'Skin, made another (pcecb 
amo which they allaffented in a rejoicing manner : 
and fo they e-nded their bufincfs, and forthwith 
went to Sv^dbuYy fight. To my thinking they wcnc 
without any (cruplc, bat that they (hoald profper, 
afid gain the vidory: And they wcotont not fo 
rejoycing, bat they came ho®e with as great a Vi- 
CiQvj, For they (aid they bad kiUcd two Captains, 
and almoft an hundred men. One SngUfh-man 
they brought along with t,hcm : and he faid, it 
was coo trae Jor they had made fad work at Sudhik" 
yy^ as indeed it proved. Yet they came home with- 
out that rejoycing and triumphing over their vi" 
doiy, v^hich they were wont to fliewat oibec 
timts: but rather like Efogs ( as they fay) which 
have lofl their ears. Yet 1 could not perceive that 
it was for their own lofs of men: They faid, they 
had ^01 loft above five or fix : and I miffed none, 
cxccp »n eoc wigwdYA, When they went , they 
•'dted as if the Devil had told them that they 
fhoali giinthcvidlory: and now they aftedi as 
if the Dfvii had told them they Qioald have a Tall. 
Whither it were (o or no, I cannot tell, butfolt 
proved, ^or quickly they began to fall, and fo held 
00 that Summer, till ibey came to lutjrroinc. 
They came home on a Sabbath diy,and the Pov^aw 
that kneeled upon the Dtev'skin came home ( I 
may fay, without abutc) asbUpkasthcDcviL 


When my maftcr c«mc home, be came tome and 
bidmemikcaftiirtfof his ^afoos^ of a hollaed* 
Uced Pi.hxwbcf c Abou': that time there earns ao 
hdtan to mc and bid me come to his Wigv^aw, ar 
night, andhc wculd gift me feme Pork & Groond 
nuff. Which 1 did, and as I was eating, another 
Indian faid to mp, be fccms to be yc ur good Friend, 
but he killed two En^lifhrnen at ^ndburyy^nd there 
ly their Cioatbs behind you : I looked behind me, 
and there ifaw bloody Cloaths, with Bullet ho'es 
in them ; yet the Lord fuffcrcd not this wretch to 
domeanyhart; Yea, ioftcadofthat, he many 
times rcfreftt me : five or fix times d'd he and his 
Sqftaw rcfjefh my feeble carcafs. If J went to 
their W^^^w^ani a anytime, they would alwaycs 
givemcfomething, and yet they wtte jftrargers 
that 1 never fa w btforc* Another Square gave mc 
apieceoffrcfhPork, and a little Salt with ir, and 
lent mc her Pan to Fry it in ; and 1 cannoc but re- 
member what a fwcet, plcafant and dehghtfull re- 
hih that bit had tome, to this day. So little do 
wc prize common metcics when wc have them to 

Tht tmntieth %emove. 

It vpAS their ufuai manner to remove^ vphm thtjt 
k^ uone any mt[chief, lefi they jhould be fonnd out : 
aiiAp they did at thu tms. We went about three 
or ftkur miles, and there they bailta great Wil^^^ » 
if 5% enough to hold ao hundred Indians^ which 

. did in rreparauon to a great day of Dancinr^' 

They would fay ebwamongft lh<mf(i!vcs, that the 
Covtrnour would be fo aogr y for bis lofs at Sttdbw 
yy,that be would fend no more about the Captivct, 
which made me gtieve and tremble. My Sifter be- 
ing noi far from the place where we now werc! 
and hearing that I was bcre, dcfircd her matter to 
let her come and fee me, and he was willing to 
it, and would go with her: but (he being ready 
before him, told him fhe wonld go before, and was 
come within a Mile or two of the place ^ Thcuhe 
overlook her, and began to rant as if he had been 
madj and made her go back again in the Rain i fo 
that I never faw her till j faw htt in Charkstow»^ 
But the Lord requiud many of their ill doings, for 
this Ifidian her Matter, was banged afterward at 
jBofion, The Indians now began to come froip all 
quarters, againtt their merry dancing day. Among 
foroe of them came one Goodvflfe Ktlitl«:lto\d ber 
my heart was fo heavy that it was ready fo break : 
fo is mne too faid fhc, but yet faid, I hope we fhall. 
hear feme good ncwsttiortly. I could hear how 
earncHly my Sitter defired to fee nrje,& I ascarnett- 
ly defircdto fee her : and yet neither of us conid 
get an opportunity. My Daughter was alfo now 
abcut a mile off, and I hadootfeen ber in nine or 
ten weeks, as I had not fecn my Sifter fmce our firjft 
taking. I carncttly dcfired them to let me go and 
i-cc them : yea, I iotreatedi begged, and perfwad- 
€d them, but to let me fee my Daughter; and yet 
fo hard heacred were they, that they would not 

I 5/i 

fufFer it. f hty made ufe of their tyrannical powcs 
whilft chcy had it : bat through the Lords wondcc^ 
foil naercy, their titac was now but ftiorr. 

On a SMath day^ the S tin bfing about an hour 
hlgUmhe afurnoony $ame iWr, John Hoar ( the 
Cornell pirmit ting him, andhis own fore ward f pint 
inclining him ) togithgf with tht two for mentioned 
indians, Tom and Peter with thtir third Letter from 
tht Comcil When they came near, J was abroad; 
thoDgh 1 faw them not,they prcfently called me in, 
ind bade me fit down and not ftir.Then they catcht 
cduptbclf Guns, andaway they ran, siifanEnc* 
my hid been at hand; and the Guns went off apace 
I manifeftcd feme great trouble, and they asked me 
what was the matter ? 1 told them, I thought the% 
had killed the Eoglilh-man ( for they had in the 
mean time informed vncih^t ^nEnglifi^man was 
come) they (aid, iNTo; They fhot over his Horfc 
and under, and before his Horfej and they puflic 
him this way and that way, at their plcafure : 
fhewiogwhautheyconlddo: Then they let them 
Come to their PT^^tv/rm^ I begged of them to 
ktmefccthc£>sf|ii/fc>w^^, but they would not. 
But there was Ifain to fit their plearurc. When 
they had calked iieir filil with bim , they fufFcisd 
me to go to him; Ws asked each other of 

our welfare , and how my Husband did , and all 
myFHhjds? He to J d me they were all well, ard 
^^!d br glad to f«c me. Amongft Qth^t 

.§• which my Husband fcnt me, there came a 
9mi of Tobami which I fold for nine (hlUiogs iq 

Money: for many of the i»«f^tfi9i for want of To- 
iacco^ fmoakcd JHtmlock^^ztid G round* Jvy* ic was 
agrcat miftake inany, who thought 1 (cnc for 
Ithcco: for through the favour cf God, thar de- 
fuse was overcome, loow asked them, whither I 
ftiould go heme wilh Mr //ofjr? They anfwered 
5\(<?,onc and another of them : and it being nighr, 
we lay down with that aofwcr ; in the morning, 
Mr iF/tf^J^in?itcd the 5tf^j:flw«rf^ to Dinner; bai 
when we went to get it ready, we found that they 
bad ftollen the greatcft parr of the i^rovifion Mr. 
i/o«g/ had brought, out of his Bags, in the night: 
%y4ndncmiiyjee the mond^rfull pomr of God^ in 
that one p^jf^ic^ «'« ^^^^ n>isen tkure r^aifuch aireat 
^umi^iY of tke\ndi^n% to^ethvy and fo gteedy of a 
lit t ii good foj^i and no EngVifhUtre^ but My Moat 
andtnjifelf: that thtYe thij Mne- knock U4tn the 
head^'itid take vphattpe had: there hewi mt only 
Jome ^Yovifiony but aljo Ttading-chthy a part of the 
* tvpent J pounds agreed upon ; But injltad cf dotn£ m 
anf mifchiifj they [eenedtoh ajhar/ted cftkefa^^ 
and faid^ it mrtfome Matcbit Indian that did it, 
Ob, that we could believe that there is no thing 
too bard for God! God (hcucd his Power 
over the Heathen in this, as he did cv^y the hufj^ty 
Lyons Vfhtn Dzmd was caft into the Bsn, Mr, 
//o^>' called them bctimc to Dinner, bu£ they ate 
Vfry little, they being fo bufiein drclTingthem- 
felfcs, and getting ready for their Dance: which 
wascatricdonebycighiofthcms faut Mt^ and. 

foor ! 

" i 

I i7 J 

four5j«<a»vi: My raaftcr ;indmiftrifs being two. 
He was dtclTcd in his Holland £birr, with great 
Laces fcwtd at the <:iiil of it, he had his filvcr Buc. 
tons, his white Stocitini, his Garters were bung 
round wiEh ShiHingf, and lie had Girdles of ^aw- 
fom upon huhiadfundpiOHUiti, She had aKerfcy 
Coar, add covered with Girdles of ^V^mfom from 
ihc Loins upward : her armc s from her elbows to 
her hands were covered with Bracelets i there were 
handfulls of Neck faces about her neck, and fevc- 
rallfcrtsof JcweUin her ears. She had fine red 
Sickins, and white Shoos, her hair powdered and 
fact paioicd Red, that wasalwaycs before Black. 
And all the Dancers were after the fame manner. 
There were two other finging sod knocking on a 
Kettle for their naufick. They kecpt hopping op 
and down one after another, tsith a Kcttleof wa- 
ter in the nnidfl, ftanding warm upon fome Emr 
bers, to drink of when they were dry. They held 
OD t/ll it was almoft night, throwiog out lVat»pom ^ 
to the (landers by. At night I asked tb^m again, 
iff flu uld go home? They all asor.efaidNo, ex- 
cept my Huibard would come for me. When wc 
were lain down, my Maftcr went out Cf the fT/g- 
ir/iw,and by and by fcnt ist an l>7dian called fames 
tht'Pritjtir^ who told Mt.Hoar^ that my Mafia 
would let rae go home to morrow, if he would ict 
him have one pini of Liquors. Then Mr. Hoar 
called liis own Iwcii^m, Tom and TeUr, and bii 
v^.■ - q/vjndfccwhiihnh^vyould promifc it be- 

1^9 J- —m 

fore them Arcc: andif be would, he flioaldhavc 
£t 5 which he did, and he had it. Then P/Gtlip frael- 
fiag the bufincfs cal'd me to hhUjand asked me what 
I Would give him, to tell mc feme good news, and 
fpeakagoodwordforme, J fold him, \ could mt 
ttUwhat 10 live hinty I would am ^Hnglhad^ and 
a%k€d him what he woM hdvet He faid, two Goats 
and twenty (hillings in Monyj and half a buflicl of 
feed Corn, and feme Tobacco. I thanked him for 
faislcvc: but I koewthcgcodnewsas welUs the 
crafty Tox* My Mader after he had had his drink, 
quickly came ranting into the IVigwcim again, and 
called for Mr. Hoarj drinking to him, and faying, 
He was a good man ; ^and then again he would fay, 
Jianghim RogiAt \ Dc^Pfalmoil diunk, he would 
drink to bim,.aDd yet prcfently fay helhouldbe 
hanged. Then he called for me, I trembled to bear 
bim, yet I was fain to go to bim, cndhcdrackto 
me, fhewing no incivility. He was the fiift IrJian^ 
Jfaw drunk all t^c while that I was amongft them.' 
i\t laft his Squa^» ran out, and be aflcr her,, round 
the WigwaWy i^ith his mony jingling at his knees : 
But (he efcaped him : But having an old Sc.uA'^> he 
ran to her: aAd fo throogh the Lords me»cy, we 
were no more troit^led that oigbr. Ttt I had not 
a comfortable nights reft : for I thivik j can^ay^ \ did 
Hot ftetpfor thfu mghts together. Tbe night before 
the Letter came from the Gouncil, J could rot rcfc 
J wai fo full of fearcsandtTcDbles, God many 
times leaving us moft in |hc dark;, whes Athi,-, 


fore them Arcc : and if be would, he flioald iia 
£t ; which he did, and he had it. Then PW% fre; 
iog the bufincfs cal'd me to hitrijand asked me wh 
I Would give him, to tell mc feme good news, at 
fpcak a good word forme, J fold him, \ could h 
till what togm hiniy I would am ^^mglhad^ a> 
atked him what ht woM havt? He faid, two Goa 
and twenty (hillings in Mony, and halfa bufiicl < 
feed Corn, and fome Tobacco. I thanked him fi 
iiisicvc: bui I knew the good news as welUstt 
crafty Fox, My Mailer after he had had his drinl 
quickly came ranting into the Wtiivafn again, ar 
called for Mr. Hoary drinking to hisD, and fay in. 
He was a good man ; ^and then agaia he would fa; 
Httnghim RogM \ BtlPfalmoRdiunk, he won 
drink to bim,.aDd yet crcfently fay hefhouldl 
hanged. Then he called for me, J trembled to be; 
bim, yet I was faio to go to him, cndhcdraDki 
me,fliewing no incivility. He was the fis ft IndU 
ifaw drunk all t^e while that \ was amongft then 
At laft his S(iHaw ran out, and he af&cr her,- roue 
thtWiiwamy i^ith liismonyjirglingathisknec? 
But (he efiaped him : But havng an old S^.uaiv h 
ran to her: aM fo throogh the Lords mercy, w 
were no more troit)led that oigbr, Tet I had r.. 
a comfort ahU nights rej} : for 1 think J canfay^ j d; 
not Jleepfor thfu mghti together. Tie nigbt befoi 
the Letter came from the Council, J could rot rcC 
J wai fo full of fearcsandtrcnbles, Godm»an 
times leaving us moft in |hc dark^ whes Athi 


iiti€t is ncarcft : yea, ar this rime Fconld not reft^ 
nigbt nor day. The next night I was overjoyed, 
Mr, Hoar being cotiie, and that with foch good ti- 
dings. The third night 1 was even fwallowcd up 
witb the thougKtf of thingy , i^iz.- that ever 1 ffeoold 
go home agaih; sndthat Imul^go^ leafing my 
Children behind me in tbt i^ i/derntfi ; fo thatl.tep 
was now almoft departed fronij mine eyc«. 

OoTutfday morning they called tbet> General 
Coart (as they call it) to confnlc and determine, 
whether 1 fhoald go home or no : And they all as 
one aiaa did fcemmgly con/ent 50 it, th2Lt I (hould 
go home; except 'i'kiU^JUiD would not comt 
amongthcm. IVBk T 

But before I go any further, I 'wouM take leave 
to mention a few remaikablc paffagcsof prcvU 
dtncf, which I took fpecial notice of in my a iBi- 

I. Of the fair opportunity loft in th Un£ AfAfch^ 

a huh afnr thf Fort-fight, v^hen cur Er g!,(h A^mf 

was fo r^ftmerofs, and fit {uy/uit of the Enemy^ and 

fo near as to take feveral anddifiroy tkem : and the 

Enemy tn/uchdtfiu/sforfoo^^ that our men might 

tr^ck^thgm by their roopingin the eanh for GroHnd- 

mi, vfhtltfi they mrefjingfor thm itves. I fay, 

that then oar Army (hoold want Provifion, and be 

t^^''^ to leave their purfuit and return homeward; 

^"Vi^'y next week the inewy come upoor ur 

k^n, hke Bears bereft of their wbelps, ar fo ma- 

jVCfijas JB'oIvef, rcodiDg tts and cur Lambs to 

£ death. 

l6o] — 

death. B-ut ^hM fiiall I (ay ? God fccqjcd to leave 
his People to thcmfclves, and order all things for 
bis own holy ends. Shal thgre be evtl in the City 
and the Lord hath not done it? They are nOigrUvU 
for the ap5iiOtt of ]o(c^h, therefore [kal ihcyio Cap^ 
uve, mih tht firft that go Captive. It is the Lords 
doing, and it fhou!d be marvelous in oar eyes. 

%. i cannot but remember how the Indians de- 
rided the nownefs, and dulnefsof thc£Hi///fcAr. 
myJaitsfetfingout. For after the dcfoIatiODsai 
Za*icaftir and Mc^eld, as J went along wuh 
Ihcin, they asked rac when I thought ihe eM^hfh 
Army would come aftctihcra? I told thcmlcoud 
ijottell: It may be tfrty Will come in ^^r, faM 
they. Tbusdidtheytcoffeatus, ai if the en^/ijh 
^ouldbea qualter of a year getting ready 
^ 3. Which alfo I have htntea before^ whm the Eng- 
lifh lirmy wit hmwfi^f plies mrefent forth to p^ff^e 
after tht enemy ^ & they under (landing tt : pcd bcjcre 
them till thej came to BzquBu^ River, v^bcrc they 
forthwith mnt ovtrfafely : that that River jhouldbc 
mpaSMttothe'Enih^. 1 can butadmjrctoke 
the woodcrfull providence of Godinptcfctvirg 
the he^rhen for farther affliaion to our poorCoun 
Itey. They could go in great numbers over, b^t 
thc£«i//i?jmuftftop: God had an ovcr-ruling 
hand in all tbofe things. . 

4. It vpat thought, if their Cornmrt cut aowny 
they would Jldrve and df v^th hungifi ttnd aU 
their Corntbat mm fmit m^ ^*ftrm ^^^ 

tky driven from that little they hadinfiorCy into th^ 
Woidsinthemdflofwimcr-y and yet how to ad* 
miration did the Lord prcfcrvc them ^orhis ho- 
ly ends, aod the dcftrudionot many ftillamongft 
the En^lijhl ftrangely did the Li^id pfoviJc for 
themi that I did not fee ( all the timefwssa- 
mong thena ) one Man, Womaiij or Cdiid, die 
witb hnngcr. 

Though many times they would eat thstt, that 
aHog or a Dog would hardly toach; yec by that 
God ftrcogthned them to be a fccaige to tih 

The ckief andcommotjift food was Gromd-mt^z 
They fat alfc Nnti andcdcorns^ Hartychoaks^ 
Lilly rootsy Groundhanty and fevcral other weeds 
and roots, cbac I know nor. 

7 'kiy would fick, up old bones ^ and cut them to pitC" 
es at thejoyntsyand if they wtre full ofvpormes and 
magotSy tbcy would [c aid them over the fire to ma\^e 
the vermine ceme onty and then boiit thtm^ and dnnl^ 
»p xhi LlqiAOYy and then beat tbe^re^t endi of them 
inaMorter^ and fo eat them. They would cat 
Hotfesguii, and ears, and ail forts of wild Birds 
which they coald catch : alfo Bear, VeDnHfon, Bra- 
ver, ToTtois, Frogs, Squirrels, Dog^, Skuaki, 
Rattle-fnakcs; yea, the very Bark of Trecg j be- 
fidcs all forlsof creatures,and pTO?ifioo'WhJch'they 
plundered froiu the En£Hjh. I can bu; ftand m 

airation to fee the wondeifal power of God, in 

vidiog for fucha vaft number of our Enemies 


in tbc wUdcYHfpj tt?hcrcthsrc was nothing to be 
feen, but from hand to mouth. Many times io a 
isorniog, tbf g-ncra'ityof them, would eat up 
allcheyhad, ond yet have fomc fiirthcrfupply a- 
gainft they wanted. ltis(aid, P/fl/.Si. 13, 14. 
Oh^thatmy'Fcopkbadhgarii/tedtomey and Ifrael 
load vfalked in mj wayet^ I (h)Hldioon havejubdutd 
fbdr Encrmesy and tarmd my hand agninii theiv 
k^dvir furies- Bat novc our pcrvcrfc and evil car- 
nages in the fight of 'bcLord, have fo offended 
himj that inftcad of turoiog his band againft them, 
the Lord ficds S: ncucinicj them up to be 3 fcoargc 
to the whole Land. 

f , ey^notker t'hlng that I would oi^^rvf is , the 
flranie providence of God in tHYntng things about 
wbtn the Indians was at thehiihtfl^ arid the Englifh 
at the lov^^fl I \^ n with 5hc Enemy eleven weeks 
and five daycs, aod not one Week pafTcd withouc 
the fury of the Enemy, and fomedefolation by fire 
and fword upon one place or other. They mour- 
ned ( with their black faces) for their own lofiks: 
yet triumphed and rejoyced in their inhumane, and 
many nm*:s devilifli cruelty lo the Engliflj. They 
would boaft much of their Vidlories 9 faying, 
that in two hours time they had deftroyed fuch a 
Captain^ and his Company at fuch a place ; and fuch 
a C^p.'^u and his Caw/^^wy in f^h a place; aid 
lucS a Captain and his Companpm focha place: 
and boaft how many Towns thtyhod. dcftroycd, 
and then icpffc; aiidfay, They had'd(Wthsm a. 


t <5j 1 

£ood turn , tofefid them to Heaven fofoon. Agam, 
«hcy would fay, This Summer that they would 
kriOck,aU the T^pguts tn the headt ox drive th^m in- 
to the Seay or make them fits the Countrey : think" 
ipg Turcly, ^gag-li\e^ The hitternefs of Dt^th is 
pafi. Now the Heathen begi is to think all is 
ownj& thcpoct Chrjflians hopes to faii(as to tiim) 
and now ihfir c^es arc more to God, and their 
hearts figh he^vcn-^Yard : and ro fay in good car- 
ncft, Help Lordy or we perifh: When the Lori 
had brought his people to this, tiat th:y hw na 
help in any thing but himfclf; then fe takes the 
,q iflrrel into his own hand: and though they tad 
rnadeapit, in rhcirounioiag nations asd:cpas 
hell for the Chrinianstha; Summer^ yet the Lord 
hufirdtbennft'v.-s into ir. And rhcLordhadnot 
fo many wiyes before toprcfcrvc thcti), but now 
he hath as many to deftroy them. 

B'.it lo ret am a^^ciin to my ^iomg home^ voktre vce 
rr^ay [ce aYtmc^.k^^ble change of Providence : At fiiil 
they were all sgainft if, except my Hu band 
would come for mc; but afccrwardstbcy aOknrcd 
to ir, and Teemed much to rcjoycc in 1^5^ Tome askc 
mc to fetid them (o me Bread, others fertC Tobac- 
co, others ihakir^ me by the hand, cftring mca 
Hoodand Scarfcto ridein-, not oncmovioghaid 
or tongu: sgainfi it. Thus hath the Lord anfwci- 
cd my poor defire, and the many earncft requefts of 
others put rp unto God for mca Ih my travd> 
^t3 hdian cabc to rae, and told mc^ if Iwctc w\U 

C<f4 3 

liog, he and his S^M^ir would run awiy, andgO 
borne along with mc : 1 told him !Z\[o : 1 was not 
Willing to run away, but defircd to wait Gods 
time, that I might go home quietly, and without 
ff ^r. And now God bath granted mc my dcfire. 
O the wonderful! power of God that J have feen, 
and the experience that I have had: I have been 
tnthtmid^ of tbofe r oar ini Lyons y and Salvaie 
Beam that ftaved neither Gody nor Man ^ nor the 
Devi/y h ^>^ght and day^ alone and in company : 
Jleefifif ^11 forts together y attd )et not ont of them 
evcr offered yrii theleafl ah fife ofunchafiny to mf^ m 
Tvordor action. Tboogh fome arc ready to fay, 
J fpeak it for n.y own credit ; But Ifpsak^ it tn the 
pre](nC£ofGo^, and tchls Glory, Gods Power is 
as great now, aodaslufficicnttofavf, as when be 
preferved -Orfo^f^ in the Lions Den ; or the three 
C/7i^yf«iu the fiery Furnace. I may well fay as 
his Pfal. 107. II Oh live thanl^s unto the Lord for 
he is goody for hit wercy e^eiureth for ever. Let the 
Redeemed oftbe Lord fay (0, whom he hath rc- 
dcemrd from the hand of the Enemy, cfpecialiy 
that I (hould conac away in the midft of fo many 
hundredspl Enemies quietly and peacab'y, and not 
a Dog moving his tougue. So 1 took my leave 
oftbcm, and in cominga^ong my hcarrmtlted in- 
to tears, more then all the while I was wiib them, 
and I wasalmoft fwallowed op with the thoughts 
that ever I (hould go home agaiji. Abont the Sun 
going down, Mr, Boar^ and ray fcif, and the two 


.: ''1 1 

hdians cimtta tancalii'rt and i fofcmn fight it 
wat to me. There had I lived many comfortable 
years amongft my ReUci^s and NeighbourS| and 
now not one Ckriftian to be feen, nor oae hoafc 
[eft ftanding. We went on to a Farm houfe chat 
was yet (landing, where we lay all njghf. and ft 
comfortable lodging we had, though nothing but 
ftrawtolycn The Lord prefervcd us in fafety 
that night, and raifed us apAgainio the morning, 
and carried Lrt; along, that before noon , we 
came to Concord, Naw was I Full of joy, and yet 
not without for row : joy to fee fuch a lovely fight, 
fo many Chripans together, and feme of them my 
Ncighbiwrs: There 7 met with my Brother, and 
my Brother in Law, who asked me, if 1 knew 
wk^rc bis Wife was? Poor heart! he had helped 
to bury her, and k^cw it not; (he being (hot 
down by the bouis was partly burnt: fo that 
thofc who wereac ^sfion at the dclolation of the 
Towyi^ and cimc back afterward, and baricd the 
dead, did not know her. / Yea I wsnot without 
forcow,to think how many were looking a^d lotlg- 
ing, and my own Children ^moogft the reft, to 
enioy tbatdclivcrancc that I fiad now received : 
tiy.d I did not know whither ever 1 (hould fee them 
again. Being recruited witfji food and raimcnj, 
we Wf Dl 10 Bojion that day , Where I met with my 
d:ic Husband, bftt the thoughts of our dear Chil- 
dren, one being dead, and th<fe other we could not 
' It whcrC) abated our comfoJs each toother. I 

I wa$ 

Wisnot betopQ r© much hcm'd in with the tntrcileft 
land cruel HcathcD^ bu? now as much with pittifu!, 
•cndcf-bearccd, ^nd comp^iTionatc Chriftians. 
Inlhat poor, and dcftreffcd^ and beggcrly coodi- 
tion I was received in, 1 was kindly entertained in 
fcvcrall Huufes : fo much love 1 received from fe- 
ver al (fomcofwhoDQlknew, and others I knew 
not] that I am not capable CO declare it* Butthe 
Lord knows them all by name : Tht Lord reward 
tkimfevenfcld into their bofoms of hit fpirttnalSy for 
thtir ttwporaU, I The twsnty founds the price 
of my redcmprion was raifcd by fonae Boflm Gen- 
tlemen, and Ml. Vflfitr^ whofc bounty and religi- 
ous chanty, 1 would not forget to make mcniioii 
of. Then Mr'. Jkoma^ She par d of Chsrlnown re- 
ceived us into b\% Hoa^e, where we continued ele- 
ven weeks; aod a Father and Mother they were 
to us. And many more teoderhcarted Friends we 
ract with in that place. We wfre now in the 
midftofiovc, yet not without mu:h and frequent 
heavincfs of heart far our poor Children , and ot her 
Relations, who were ftill in affliftion.- The week 
tollowing, aft^r mj coming in, the Governour and 
Gonncil fent forth to the Indjani aga n ; and that 
not without l"!>ccer$; forthey brooghrin my §!fler, 
ai3d Gocd-wife Kaf/e : Their not Knowing wherci 
our Children Wc re, W^s a fore tryal to us ftill, and 
57et w: were not without fecrct hopes that we 
fliould Tec them ag-iin: Tnat which was dead l$y 
heavier upon my Tpirit, than thofc wbich were a- 


live and a«iongft thi Heathen ; thiafeing fio^ it fuf.' 
fcredwitb its wounds, and I was no way abit to 
relieve it; and ho^ ic wai barieiby theHcatlen 
to the Wildemefs from among ail Gbriftiaos. / Wc 
were hurried up api down in our thoughts, fomc- 
timcwefhouldheuarcport tfcat they were gone 
thii way, and fometimci that i and that they were 
comeia, in this place or that : We kept enquir- 
ing and liftning to hear Goncerniog then), bat no 
cercainnewsasyel. About this time the Coun. 
cil had ordered a day of publick Thanks -ihittg i 
though I thought i had ftijl caufc of mourning, and" 
being anfettlec^in oar minds, we thought we would 
ride toward ths Eafiward^ to fee if we could hear 
any thing concerning our Ghildrco. And as we 
were riding along [ God is the wife difpofer of all 
things] between Ipfmch and Rovpiy we met with 
Mr. miliam Hubbarfl^ who told ui that our Son 
^o(ephyfj^\ZQC[\t'\^tQMi]OtWaldrtns^ and aoo- 
iher with him, which wai my Sifters Son. I asked 
him how he knew it J Hefaid, the Major bimfcif 
told bimio. / So along wc went eil] we csme to 
Newbury^ andthdrMiniftcr being abfcnt, they 
defircd my Husband to Preach the Thanhs giving 
forthcm; bat he was not willing to iftay there that 
nighr,but would go over to Salisbury^ to hear far- 
ther, andcomcagainin the morning; which he 
did, and Preached there that day^ At nighr, when 
he had done, one came and told him that his 
Daughter was come in at Proi/;^^5£f;; Hcee was 


mercy oobbth hands; Now bath God fulfilcd that 
precious Scriptare which was fuch a comfort to mc 
iomydiftrcfficdcondicioO) When my heart was 
ready to fmk into the Earth ( my Childrca bdng 
goDc I coald not teli whitbcr j and my knees trem- 
bled under me, And I wa$ valkjitg thorough the 
valUy of the jhadoiv of Death : Then the Lord 
broaght, and now has fulfilled that reviviog word 
unto mc : Thus faith the Lord, Refrain tby voice 
fromrpeepingy and thine eyn from ttaru for thy 
Workp^allherewardcdi faith the Lord, and thty 
fhallcomt again from thtLandofthc £mwyJNow 
we were between them, the one on the Eaft , and 
^c other oo the lVe[i : Our Son being ocarcft, wc 
wcnltohimfirft, ta Portfmtuth^ where wc met 
with him, and with the Major atfo: who told us 
he had done what he could, but could not redeem 
hitnmdcxftvenfontidi; which the good People 
thereabouts were picafcd to psy. The Lord re- 
ward the Major, and all the reft, thrugh unknown 
tome, for their b boar of Love. My Siitcrs Son 
vfis redeemed (cr four poundi J w^ich the Council 
gave order for the payment of Hiving now re- 
ceived oncofourCfiildren, wc haftencd toward 
the other : going back through ?\[^rvburyy my 
Husband Preached there oathc S ah hath- day : for 
which they rewardcdhim maay fold. / 

0» Muodavwfc^wffftfGharlftown, when we 
heard that thtGovtrnourcfKo^Li-Bind had fent o- 
Zfer foYOHr DAftghter^totakf care ofher^htmi nov 


C ^9 I 

mthifihislftYtsMmi which [hoald net pa[s with: 
out our ack^oxvlfdgmtnts. But <hc being nearer 
Mehohth than RoadAjland^ Mr. 'IJjwmati went 
over, and took care of her, and brought bcr to his 
own Houfc. And the goodne/s of God was admi- 
rable to us in our low cftate, in that he raifed up 
paiTionate Friends on every fide to os, when wc 
had nothing to recompance any for their love. The 
Indians were now gone that way, that it waf ap- 
prehended dangerous to go to her : But the Cart? 
wbich cartied Provifion to the Eng/ijh Army, be- 
ing guarded, brought h«r with them toDorchefttr^ 
whtre we received her fafe; blcfled be the Lord 
ior it, For grt^ii i^ his Powers and he can do whatfo^ 
fvtrfeetntthhmgpod, /Her comiog in was after 
this manner : She was travelling one d ay with the 
Iw^j^wj, with her basket at her back; the compa^ 
oyof Wj^M/ were got before her, and goncou? of 
■fight, all except one Squav9\ (he followed the 
St^naw till night , and then both of them lay down, 
having nothing over them but theheavenf, and 
under them but the earth. Thus (he travelled 
three dayes together, not knowing whieher (he 
waf going: having nothing to eat or drink boi: 
water, and green Htrtk-hmUs^ At laft they csmc 
into Provideyjcf^ where (he was kindly entertain- 
ed by fevera! of that Town. The Indians ofreo 
faid, that I (houJd never have her under ti^mt;^ 
pottnds : Bat now the Lord hath brought her in u- 
pon free-con*, ^nd given her to mc the fccood 


.timt, ' TheLordmakcasablcfTing indeed, cud^ 
toothers.. Now have I fccn thatScripfurcalfp 
fulfilled, Deut. 30: 4,7. If any ofthim he drwn 
oUttoib€oiitmoBpart% ofhsaven^ from thtncemll 
the fjOrd thy God£athef thtt^ and from thence Titill 
' he fetch thee. And the Lord thy god will put alt 
the[e cuYfti upon thine tnmhs^ andonthemvohtclo 
hate thee^ which ferfecuttd thee. Thus hath the 
Lord brought mc and mint out of that borriblc pit,' 
and hathfct us in the midft of tendcc-hcarted and 
compifiionateGhriftians. Ic is tbc dffircof ray 
foul, that we may walk worthy of the mercies recei- 
ved, and which we arc receiving. / 

Oitr Family being mw fathered lOgtthtr (thofe 
of us that were livihi ) the South Clmrcb in Bofton 
hired an Houfefor pis : Then viieremr.vedfromMr« 
Shcpards, thofe cordial FYfendij<4nd u^snt foBoftoo, 
Yphgri we continued ahut three qAarterS of a year: 
Stdl the Ldrd went aUng with us^ and pvovidedgra- 
cioujlj for ftf , I thoiight if fomcwhac ftrangc to" 
fcr op Houfek ceding with b'i re waifs; but as 5o- 
iomoftidijcSy A'foytj/ anffcers all tkyjgs:, and that 
we bad throcgb the bcncvaicncc of Chri^ian- 
fricnds, fomc jn this Tow^, and fomc intba", and 
others: And fom^ffomE^^^^^^; that in a little 
f'ltnc We might i^iok, and fee the Hou'c furnifhcd 
withloVe. Tbe Lord harh been exceeding ^ood 
lous incur low c/latc, in chat when we had neicher 
fioufe nor home, oor other necciTirics; the Lord 
fomoved the hcsrcs of thele and tnofe towards bs, 



that wcwantd neither food, ^lu raiment for oir 
fclvcs or ours, Pro-?/. j8. z.j. 7kf!¥e is a Friend 
whtck fticitth c/o|fK than aErothr, And how tnany^ 
fach Friends have wc found, and nt]N)K4iviog a« 
mongft? And troly fucb a Friend bavcwe found 
him to be unto as, inwhofehoufc wc lived, vixj^ 
Mr. ^ames WhUcombj a Friend unto us near |af)d« 
and afar off. ' 

J can remernkv the time^ when I ufed tojleep qui'^ 
eily tuithoHt vpor kings k mytbouihtSy vphohmghts- 
topther, butmwitisothtrwajeiVpithme. When 
sll arcfaft about me, and no eye open, but bis^ 
wfcPo ever wakctb, my thoughts arc upon tbingsj 
paft, upon the awfull difpcnfation of the Lord to-' 
wards us ; upon his wonderfull po wcr and migbfj^' 
in carrying of us throHgh fo many difficD!ties, in 
returning us in fafcty, and fuffering nonetohure 
U5, I remember iff the night feafon, how the o- 
thcr day I was in the midft of thoufands of ene- 
mies, & nothing but death before me: Itiiljk|lthen ^^^^ 
hard work to perfwade my felf, that ever I fliould 
bcfatisfiedwith bread again. But now wc arc 
fed with the fineft of the Wheat,and, as I may fay, 
WithhoneyoutofthcYCot^ In ficad of the Husk, 
wc have the fatted Calf: The thoughts of tbcfe 
things in the particulars of them, and of the love 
and goodnifs of God towards uf, make it Ifiie of 
me, what Dmdh\i^ of himfelf, y/4/. 6, ^. Itva^ 
tsYtd my Couch rvith my tears. Oh I the WOn*> 
derfijll power of God that mine cyci have fcen, af| 

fording matter Cflough for my thoughts to run 
in, that wbcD others arc flccping miqc eyes arc 
wccpiog. / 

J have fun the ixmm vamty of this World : One 
hour 1 have been in health, and wealth, wanting 
ao^hiog : But the next hour in ficknefs and 
wounds^ and death, having nothing but (orrow 
and afHl^tion. 

Befors I k^cw what afflinhnnuam, I v^as rea- 
dy fomcttmes to will font. When I hvcd inprof- 
pcfityj ha?ing the comforts of the Worrld about 
ne, my relations by mc, my Heart chearfull : and 
/oking little care for any thing; and yet feeing 
rvi^^y, whom I preferred before my felf, under ma- 
r ' ryals and affliftions , in fickncrs, weakoefs, 
to erty, loffes, croffes, and cares of the World, 
1 inould be fometimcs jealous It aft I fhould have 
r\X portion in this life, and that Scripiurc would 
^oriic to my mind, Hih, 12. 6, For whom the Lord 
ii-vi'h bt chafienethj andfcourgtih cvtry Son rvho/n 
*ic /tceh^th. But now I fee the Lord had his time 
cofcourgeandchalkcnme. The portion of fomc 
is to have their afflidions by drops, nov? one drop 
and then another; bat the dregs of the Gup, the 
Wiiieofaftonifhmcnt: hkc a fwceplng rain that 
Icavethoofood, did the Lord prepare to be my 
poidon / Affliftion I wanted, and affliftion I 
bad, hllineafure (1 thought; prtffed down and 
luaningOTCf : yet 1 fee, when God calls a Per- 
son to ^Dyehicg. ^td tbronghncvctioroany dif- 
-^ . — -- ficulues 

I 73 i 

€uUics> yet he is fully able to carry theca through 
aad nutke them fee, and fay they have been gainers 
thereby. And I hope I can (ay in fome meafure. 
As David did, It is ^ood forme that lhav€ been af- 
fttOedi The Lord hath (hewed me the vanity of 
ihcfc outward tbiogs. That they are the Kanity 
ofvaniticjy and vexation ofjptrit'j that they arc 
biu a ihidow, a blaft, a bubble, and things of no 
continuance. That wc muft rely on God himfelf, 
and our whole depcndance muft be upon him. If 
trouble from fmallar matters begin to arife in me, 
1 have (onQething at hand to check my feKwitb^ 
and fay, why am I troubled ? Itwas but the other 
day that if I bad bad the wor!d,l would havcgivcit 
ic for my freedom, or to have been a Servant to ■ 
Ghnftiao. 1 have learned to look beyond prefcnc 
and fmaller troubles, and to be quieted ua^der then , 
as Aiofts f ai J, Exot^, 1 4. 1 3 ♦ Stand fitli and jtt 
ihcfalvation of the Lord* 

F I ^ I S, 

j(S» j^^ *#» .f^ "fV ^^ ^r*r .f*\ -fiV ♦#». .riS, ^V ^V ^'>. jfV .<*> .dS -♦??». /^ 

•fM THE .^ 

<^ Poffibility of Gods For- W 
taking a people, ^ 

That have been vifibly near & dear to him '^ 





0. ^''^ '^' Miftrj of a People thus fcrfaifii^ 
Set forth 


in a 



"^ preached at ffMfio-^^f/JjNov.zT. 167S. 
Beings Divof FAST and HU- 




'■ — - >^ 

By Mr. fefeph Ro^^Und[^n Faftor of the "^ 

Ctiurch of Chrift t?ierc. 

alio his laft SERMON, ^^t^i '^ 

4^ 2Chron.i5o2. The Lord, is mth you, while ye he J^^ 

^|V^ w/V/j him, and if ye jeek^ him , he will be found of ^^ 

4^ jo^ : hiil^ ifycferjul^ hi^n, he rvill forf^^e you^ ' '' 

^S Hor.9;i2. fVoa.}fo io ihm, wh^n I depm from them. 


Printed for ^o/:)« ^ntcliffe, ^ ■^ohn Griffin, 

I 6 8 2. 

/TW^ l|l V^4 v^ ^J= ^^ v^ V^ y« V^i- ^^ '^^^ ^^ V '^i? V V ^*>: 


? '? 

4*/^ . S 

.V* ••#ii'*.¥ir-* :*:r>'» -£,>,.*je-:' 


To the Courteous READER, ( cfpcciaily tfci 

Inhabitants of the Town of wtavhersj^cld^ 

and Lancafitr, in NtTv-EngUnd^ 

Gods foffaking of fuch AS he hath ketn ne4r to;i3 
4 thin^ offach weight yUnd (olemnitj^ and hath 
fuch hitter (fe^Sy that it Is 4 meet SuijeEly ( e(pf 
ciaiij in a darl^ and mourning day) for Minifier^ 
io/pe4k^to,4ndfor People to hedr of : that tbi m 
may warn of the danger ^ And the other Avoid the 
jndgcmsnt. As Gods frefence is the greatefi glorf 
t$ a People on this fide Heaven^ fo his ahftnee is the 
'greatefh miftrj on this fi tie heJl i this therefore ntttff 
nkeds he a concerning pointy to fnch as wiM concern 
themfehts in their concernments. The enfaing 
Sermon ^iU appear a falemn ^ord^ if dnelj confide*, 
red : the fuhje^ mantr is iierj folemn and "^eightji 
( Treatiftg of Gods heing with^ or forfakjng a pet" 
pU) the time ^htn it was delivered was a folemte 
time^ ( A day sf FAS f thrtftghoHt the Colonies) the 
Revennd Author that Comp6fed^ and Preached it -^ 
"^As one foltmn and ferioHs ahove manj other s. And 
'r. lat which addi one greAt circumftance to its fohm* 
' itji is^ in that it was the laji worfL he fpake to th l. 

To the reader: 

I f^Arh}^ heinf hut ahont tjupodajies heUre he left If. 
As it is felemnifs "^tisfeafonahle^ and pertinent. It 
is 4 time wherein we have giv^n God juft caufe to 
forfak^e us^ a time wherein God is threatning to for* 
faks HS, A time wherein God hath in feme meet- 
furefor[a\en hs already^ and what can he more fed' 
fonahkj then t9 (hew the evils that befall a for fallen 
Fesple, that we may yet he awaf^ned^ and return^ 
that the Lord do not forfake us utterly. 

As for the Reverend Author, there needs no' 
thing to he [aid in his commendation', he was k^own 
Amongfl the Churches in the fViidermfs^ and kpo^» 
to he 4 Wor^manthat ncedednot to he afhamed. That 
his Name ( which wasfometintes frfcious amongfi 
thofe that f^new him ) may not he forgot^ and that 
being de^d, he majyetffeahjo a land that have in 
fome meafnre forfso^ their God^ an\ are in danger 
cf being forfai^-'n^is the ground-wort^ ef the fuh- 
iijhlng this fmali part of his Uhonrs. It is com* 
mende^iteffecicirll); to the pevfifal of the Inhabitants 
of Lancafter and Wcathersfieid ; He was a Man 
"well known toyotf^, the one had his Life^ and the other 
his death '^ and both his lofs^yoti cannot eafily for- 
get his name, and 'tis de fired that you may not forget 
the laboHT and travel^ he hath had amongft you : the 
word which he Preached to yon was acceptable 
Vchilfr he was living, andit is prefumed itf ^ill be 
accepted with the like candor now he is dead. In- 
deed had it been intended^ and fitted by himfelf for 
the Frefs^ joH might h ^vt ex^eUed^am found it more 


To the reader; 

i^r^e] and poll fhs^'^ hut as it ?/, it is thought jth 
»: t to he lofiy and may be of great- ufe, and heneflt^ 
to open to us the danger of for faking God^ to htimhif 
us for all our coolings^ and kec linings from God^ f 
^(tickfn tts in our return to ^ and clofe walking with 
Godj and that it way attain this end^ is the hearts 
defre, and prayer of him^ who abundant ly ^ijhes 
thy welfare^ and profperity in Chrifi fefus. 

% VV. 



lercmiali 25* 55. 

And when this Pe^pU.^ the Prophet ^ or a ^Priefl^ 
fiaU 4sf^ tjfee^ f^tf^^what is the burden #/ tUe 
Lard ? thou /halt then fay mto them^ what iftr^ 
den f I will even forfaksyon\ faith the L»rd» 

IN the Words, there lies before us, {Firfi ) 
A QucftioB, fuppotcd, to be propopntlcrd, 
wherein there is two things: i. The 
Qucftionifts, this People, or a Prophet, or 
a Pricft. 2. The Queftion it felf, or the matttc 
of it, fPhat is the burden of the Lord 1 (^Set^ond/y,) 
Thcrcisan Anfwer, and a folemn Aafwer too, 
which is put into his mouth by the Lord, and 
which he is to return as the Lords Anfwer to the 
Qucftiow ? thoH fhalt then faj unto tbeWf ^hat 
burden ? I ^iH even f of fake jou^ faith the Lord. 
In which Anfwer there is three things. 

!• An cxpreflion of Indignation, irhdt 
burdtn ? A 4 2.- An 


% An alTcrtion by way of Anfwer to the qus- 

Cljon, J wi/i forfsike jcu, 

5. A Seal of raiificauon, in the laft words, 

Saith the Lord, \ ' 

God having before dealt with the Faftors,that 
did deftroy, and fcatter the flock, as in the bc- 
ginn ng of tht Chapter, ivo he to the Pafiors that 
aejhroy andfcatttr thefieep ef my pafture^ & ver.2 
J rpill vtjit upon JOH the evil ef jour doitigs, faith 
the Lord^ and alfo vpith thefalfe Prophets^ that pr$' 
pkftedlies in his Name, as ver. 9. Mj heart with- 
iK ^fic is htok^en bccAHfe of the Prophet s^ & yer. 3 2. 
Behold I am ag^inft them, that prophe/ie falfe 
iirtams^'fakh the Lord, and do tell thew, and cauft 
ti^'y /Jf.'p V tQ er-^^ h) their lies^ and hy their lightnefs: 
vv^'ich l\ re of Prophets went without their Cora- 
IB'tlion. a^ vcr. 21./ h<ive not fern thefe Prophets 
Jit thty^an. ■ He. proceeds from the head Ru- 
i^rs, 10 the people that were fsduccd by them.- 
f^T b;' t^;is m an^ their hands were ftrergihencd 
ir/fjOjlo as that they did not retun from their 
v/Lckcclriels, as ver ia^* It was a ufual thing for 
the i^r«petb of the Lord, to begin their Scr- 
itiv) IS ( f he marter whereof was minatory, where- 
in ..h/Lj-ri threarned them with juft judge- 
ments^ with that Fhraie, r/^^ ^«r^^« c/ theLord^ 
as Will e^fily appear A you confult, Ifai^i i> i. & 
i5.t.&:22 I. & 30, 6. Now they do in the 
rvords of the Te::t, or are fuppofcd in mocKcry 
t'-) demand, what Bfird^n he hid from the Lord, 
f 01 th^n. - • . p^j. 


For tbc opening of tbe words, And ; or m^r^oTcr 
becaiifehe here cn:ers upon new naatttr: Ms' 
People^ or the prcph. <ne iort of th m, whom the 
folfc Prophets had lccuced,to which he joyns ifa? 
Prophet, and the Prieft, in hic they wcrr aliic 
prophanc, as ver.ii, jo^' hoth Prot^hft mi 
Friffi are prop hane, yea in my hsufeS^ith the Lord- 
and w' -en Prophets are prophane there is wont 
to h: a pack of tilcm, as fir. 5.31. The Prnfkis 
prophefies fal/lj, and the Priefls bear rhle hj their 
weaKs, and my people love to have it (0 : fhal a^ 
thee fay ingjW^. in a deriding way» not ©m df 
a holy end, or dcfire, ^rhat is the burden of the 
Lira} or from the Lord ? fo were the Proj^l:®- 
fics ftiled, that contained in them^ Thremmmgi^ 
fudgememsyand Plagues^ 2 King. 9.25. asiftihcy^ 
hadfaid, what hafi thou further mifchief im t'iif 
Joead to declare ? further H'oes and Threatnmg^m 
-pronounce ? haft: thou nething tlfe to prophejie^ km 
Aiifc hiefand Calamitj ? M/hat is the hurc^cn now ? ^ 
Thou (halt then fay unto them, the Lord kutw 
what they would (ay to him, and cells tim ^liat 
hefhould fay, by way of reply, H^h^t bur dm? 
a retonirgby way of holy indignation j ask yc- 
indeed vph^t burden ? and that in a way^of dcri- 
fion? are you of thatflrain, and fpiric ? I m^ 
even forfake you fhith the Lord; a burden hea- 
vy enough, and you are like r© feel it io ere kmg, 
heavy crtough to break your Backs, to brrak 
your Church, and your Comaion wealth, and t© 


fink your haughty Spirits, when th'sEurdcn fliaH 
coiBc upon yott, in its force and weight. 

Do£t. That the Lord may even forfa^f 4 Pe^ 
ficthat have ken near toyhim, and he hath been near 
U, tb&Hghfor the Lord thus u do^ is sisfearfnl and 
hidions a judgement as can be infii^led en anj 


The Doftrinc isdouMe, it hath two parts: 

firfii That the Lord may do thus. 

Secondly^ When he doth, it is a very fad and 
Iieavy burden. Ic may be profccutcd as two di- 
ftina points. 

I, God may forfakc a People that hath been 
near to him, and that he hath been near to. This 
may be fpoken to in this order. 

1. What is meant by Gods for faking a People. 

2. How may it appear that God may forfakc, 
c?cn fuch a People as the point fpeaks of ? 

3. ThcReafons. 

4. The life. . 

I. What doth Gods forfaking mean f what 
i$ intended thereby? 

Sol. it means Gods withdrawing himfclf, as 
ibc Prophe: Hofea phraifes it, H»f. 5. ^. They 
JbfiUg» yvith their Flocks and their Herds to feek 
the Lord, hut fhallnot findhim^ he h 4th withdrawn 
him/elf from them. They (hall feek him, and not 
find liio, and there is a good rcafoB, he hath 



Vvithdrawn h'tDfclf, he is gonc^ in tifpcdt of liis 
gracious prtfcnce, Wc wuft here diftinguifh 
bccwiu Gods general prefencc, and h's precious 
pricfcnce. Inrcfpcftof his general prclcncc^lic 
i^ not far frotp any ope ot us, for in km ve iive, 
And move^ and have our heing^ AB» ly^iy^lS. Wc 
have not only our beginning from, but oar bcirg 
in him. As the beajri h th its being in the Sun. Of 
ihis general prefence of God, wc read, P/k/. 
139' 7. There is no flying ^rom k. H^'hithtr jjhalt 
J g$ from tky Spfrit^ er tvhithir IhAil .1 flit 
from thy f^rt fence} In this ftnfe God is etcry 
where, as it isf^^.S, &9. If ^ a{cend uf inu 
Heavtntkou art there ; if I make my ffcJ im HtH, 
Behold thitt art there. He fills Heaven and Earth, 
and there is no hiding from him, ftr.z 3.z^. Can 
Mfty hide himfelf in fecret places^ that J fhail net fee 
him, ? faith the Lord do not 1 fill Htawsn and 
£arth ? faith the Lord. He hath HeaiVCB for 
his Throne, and the Earth f«^r his Foot^ft©ol, as 
it is, Jfai.66.i. This genera! prefence of God, 
if bclicvingly apprehended, and ilrongly be- 
lieved, might be of great ufe. 

Bii: 5 ?s lotthis general prefence th.ntisttieant.- 
but his cfpeciti prefence, his fa vouraMcard gra- 
cioyif [jfcfcnce, the rensoving whereof, is that 
that n tm«nded, by the forfaking that the Text 
jnd Poin: fpeaks of. Go^ is faid to forfake a 
rcopL- t\m waves. 

I. IstoAflffOion, 

3. ,^flo Aaion.; ' fi. A5 

( 6 ) 

^{^ As^toAffeftion, when he difcontiaucs hl& 
^vt to them, when be takes away bis love from 
apeople, ihcn he takes his leave of a people,- 
Ji^jl mind is not toward this people-, Jer. i 5, i . A VC- 
fy heavy Judgement, stnd lad removal; Be in-: 
drafted Oferftfalcw, Uaft my Soul depart from 

2. As to Aaion, whenCjod takes away the 
l^nsof ttisprefcnce. 

I;. When he takes awiy mercitul and graci- 
mm providences, when he carries aot towards 
fihimas he was wont to do : hut vexes theia 
wkh all manner of advcrficy^ Dent, 3.1. 1 7. / wi// 
ferfakethim'i and many evils and troubles Jhall hcfal 
sthemt when he ceafes to proceft thera from c- 
^ils^an4 enemies, as in times paR, and provides 
moi for them, as he was wont to do. ^When he 
tkes away his Ordinances, and bereaves a peo- 
jpleof the glorious things of his houfe \ or take 
away hisfpirit from accompanying thcni, v^^.erc- 
h^ the glorv ceifts, and che ordinances arc renc 
ijcred in cffcdual for the faving good of a pcor 
II. 2. How r?.ay it appear that God ^r^^y fe^rfake 
fttchaPeoplk? ■is'j;^; 

Itmayap^^earby what God hath thrfatned. 
WhatGod hiith threatned, tofuch as the poine 
£peaks of, m^-y he infli<^ed on ihenn t but God 
Barb threatncd fuch judgements to fuch a peo* 
ple» My angcj:(ball te kiadled againft ihem, 


( 7 ) 
5inJ T Will fof faketberfl^as near as tlicy are ttymd^ 
and as dear as they have been to to me, Detit $ r. 
ty. Many fuch threacnings are found in the Scri- 
pture againft Jfraslf who arc ftiled a people near 
unto him. 

In rh it Ciich as have been near to God, and "he 
near to them, have coniplained ot their beiTig 
forfaken by God. Thou haft forfakffi us, is one 
of the bitter moans, on record, that cllc Chutc^ 
of God did often make unto him / 

What God hath inflifted on fueh, ma^ be m^ 
flifted on fuch again • what God bath done ta 
fume, he may do to oth rs, in the fame ftate, and 
relation: forhsis unchangeable. Thofe that 
were once the on:y peculiar ptopfe of God, near 
to God, and had God near to them, yet what s 
is their condition at thJs day ? A forfaken cQndi;- 
tion, is the cotidition, of the Offfpringof Jhjt- 
ham Gods Friend, a feed whonS he had chofers, 
aad hath been fo, for above fixtecn huRdred 
years. God hath been angry v^'irh them,' and 
forfaken them, as they were foretold long* ago. 
How is it with the Churches of AJia^ that were 
•ncc famous golden Candiefticks? that had E- 
piftks written to them. Are they not in a for- 
faken condition ? rot the face of a Church td 
be found among (1: them. / - 

In that tbev may do thit, which may defervc 
a fotfaking, therefore tbcy m.iy do that which 
my aajally procu'C it. They may do thji% 


( 8 ) - 

which may defer ve a forfaking,thcy miy through 
the corrupti-n and unbelief of their hearts for- 
fekeGod, and Godma\ injuft Judgemenc reta- 
liate, and thereupon for fake thera* This is fpo- 
kcntointhcforcquoced place, Dettt, ^ 1.16^17. 
They nfiil forfa^e me^ and (tredk^ my Covenant 
vhicio I have made with them : then my ^nger pj^SL 
hi i^inaled again fi them in that d^j, and J yptU for" 
fake thim^ and hide my face from them. So again, 
2 Chron. 15.2. But if yen ferfake him he Wi7//or- 
Jakejou ^ the fir ft \s fuppofed, // you forfake himi 
the latter is impofed, he will for fa^e you: / 
in - But why doth the Lord forfake fuch 

a People ? The Reafons : 

1'. To flicw that he hath no need of any, he 
hath forfakcn mi«y,and may forfake many more, 
to (hew that he hath no need of any. Gdd 
would have all the world to take notice, (that 
' though all men have need of him, yet; he hath 
no need of any man, 

a. To tcftifie his Sarftity, and feverity againft 
fin. He will not fpare them, that have been near 
him* if they wiH not fpare their fir» for him, Hc 
i$a holy God, arid if they wll have their fins, 
and their lufts, and their wayes, a-id their lo- crs^ 
he will vindicate Lis holineis, by inflifting this 
judgement on tr/em. 

3. Tobeav^parningtoall thatenjoy his gra- 
cious prefence. That they fee that they makt 
much of it, and tiiat they take heed that ihey 
. - do 

• (9) 

do not fin agAinft him, and forfakc hiinj and ptdp 
vokchim to forfakc cliem alfo. ■ 

Caut. The point i$ to be under ftood of a peo- 
ple that are viftbly and externally near and dear 
to him, and thefe may be totally and finally for- 
faken of God : and yet here it muft be noted, 
ttiatCod may cxcrcife a deal of patience, and 
forbearance toward fuch as he is about to forfake, 
he did fo with the old world, he did fo with the 
ffraelitesoi old, he did fo with the fevcn Chur- 
ches of AfiMi he is not wont fuddcnly, and at 
CRce to forfake a people, thathave been «ear and 
dear to him; but he is v^ont to give them wara- 
ing, andin.paticnceto bear a while with their 
frowardncf s, and wait to fee if there be any re- 
turning tohim, before he doth inflid this heavy 
and (harp judgement. / 

V/e Ic fervcs to admonifh us, not to bear our iv 
felvcs too high, upon the account of privifedgcs. 
It is-a great priviledge to have the Lord n^ar us, 
and to be near unto him : and fomc lean upoa 
this though they abide in their fm, Mkah 3. 10, 
II. They bnild uf Sionyvith ^lood, afsd fetufakm 
•0ith im<fHity,yn mil they IdAHfipon the tard^ and 
fay, is not the Lord amongft ns > But if pur de- 
portment be not according to our privilcdgcs,' 
i^ wc do not carry it thereafter, by becoming 
ari humble, fruitful, and holy people-, thcLord 
wiH bring forth this heavy burden againftus, wc 
thail berejeaed, and forfakcnofthe Lord,what- 


^ ( ^o ) . 

€¥er our external priviledges be. 

Butthefecond partof the Doftrinf *, or the 
fccond DoOrine may be now fpoken to, vi^* 

Th^thistheheAvlel} hardey!^ or the firefl of 
fftJ^ements fo^ the Lor^ to for fake a people. 

There may be two things fpoken to in the ma- 
nagement of this rruth. i. Arguments to c- 
videnccit. 2. TheUfesof it. 

1. If God hath threatned it as a very fore 
iodgcEHenr,then furc it is fo. Now when God 
hath b?en angry with a people, he hath raaniieft- 
cdthc fartic by menacing them with Ms for faking 
ihena .• wh n he hath been dcfigned to do them a 
deep difpieafure, upon the account of fome high 
provocactori he is won: to threaten them not by 
taking avT?ay this, or that outward comfort from 
thcra ■ but by taki-^g away himfelf from them. 

And that is a woe indeed, a woe with a witnefsj 
Htf/lp. 1 2. Yea, woe alfo to them, when I depar-c 
from them ; this is the wofulleft day ihat fuch a 
people are wont to meet with. ' 

2. Gods forfakmg a People is a fore jiidge- 
ihcnt, in that if est poles them to all judgement?. 
Sin is a great evil in thai it expofes to all eviUhis 
is a great evil of punifhracnr, in that it expofcs 
to aH pu^ iChraenrs. 1 f God be gone, our guard- 
is gone, an i we arc as a City, in the midft of E- 
ncmies, whofe walls arc b''okcn down. Ouif 
llrcrgth to make reliibncc^ lhat''s Gone/or God 


( IT ) 

|s -ourdrcngtb^as a carcalc wicfiotit iiff, l<? a , 
pre/, to bcalhot prey •, fo arc a people forfa- 
JtcB of their Ged^ to all their devouriHg enerai s^ 
and to infernal, and curfed Ipirks : they are es- 
pofed to iiiifchief» and.tbe malice of all their fcna- 
li^nant enemies; Wh:n the Lord had fotfakcri 
ferufa/emy the Romans quickly made a prey of ir^^ 
when they were dcftitute of God, their ^kbira-'* 
tioQ became defolate. There is no Protection 
C« a People, whom the Lord forfakcs^ bat they 
arc perplexed on every fide. ' 

3 . Becaefe the evils that are on fuch, whom 
God hath forfikcn, they arc only evils. The 
l^ropt^czEzel^hl foraecimc ba:h the cxpreffiojii 
E^ik:7*^' T/^w/ faith the Lo^d Godyan evil^m onbf^ 
ivilbeloaUifjcome, Thi-s is fuch an evil, ap ojily 
tfvil to a people. An evil vyhilft God is prefcnc^ 
may ha,ve much good in it, the Lard >may faa^i- 
ficit for .abundance of blcfling : there is hope« 
pf this whilQ the Lord continues araongft them^ 
t)ut if he he gone^ it is an oaly evil , and the evils 
that conic upon Jthein are fuch, they have .n^s^ 
thing but evil in them. / . , 

., . 4. Bccaufe no creature ean then a^brd any 
liclpi for what caa creatures do when God ts 
dcpartedjhe naakcs the creatures uifeful and help- 
ful, but without him tHey can do us .no gaoSj 
ftand us in no fkad : they Eiay fay to thee as , the 
IjLing of IfrAel^ faid to the Woman, that cric4 
M^f_ King^ Ee Aijfwcrcd, If sb Lord dont 
~ n if// 



( 12 ) 

kelp.tvhencelhali I help thee? all creatures may- 
fay if God be departed, we cannot help: Nay the . 
very Devil cannot help if God be gone : whew 
God departed from Saul, he fought help from 
thcDeyil, i Sam, 28.15. therefore (faith the 
Devil ) Askefi thon ef me f feeing the Lord is di- 
faytedfrom thee, 

5. It appears to be a fore judgement, by the ati- 

guilh and diftrefs, that fuch have been in, that 

have been fcnfible that God hath forfaken tlicm. 

Sinhath flown in the face of fuch, and terificd 

tliena ; Oh the bleflTed God is gone, and if he is 

gone, niiercy is gone •, and Oh for fuch and fdch 

fins, that lie upon me 1 what ^all I do ? what a 

moan have Saints themfclves nwdc in fuch a cafe- 

«sZ)4z>iW, PfaL 22.1,2. Mj Gody my God^ ^hy 

hafi thou forfaken me ? >^>hy art t^ou fo f^r from 

helping me 1 and from the vpords of my roariftgf 

4)h my God^ I cry in the day time^ but thou hearefi 

ototy and in the nig ht Ceafm^ and am not (tient. Oh 

how »S*4«/ roared outfeis diftrefs! and that en 

this account efpcclally, that God was departed 

from him, not fo much that the PhUifiines V7crc 

upon him. had not God been gone,he could |?avc 

deak well enough with them', hut here was th« 

inifcry,andthcftingof thenaifcry, Gedypas dt-^ 

farted from him,! 

6 Itisaforepunifliracnt, in that it is a great 
part of the pnnifhraent of Hell. The cd^ntial 
parts of that puniQimcnt, is pain of Iof8,and fcBHe| 

^ ini th* ^rraT fomr reckon the grea^-er. \ 

* /?* VJj' l. . Hjw fbolifti are fisntrvthar do eVeS- 
bid Go'i dtp rf from them / as we r i', ?di? 
^X. 14. Therefore the)i/dyuKto God-. aeprxTtfronitfj^ 
fnrwejtfirtnot the knonvledge of th.wn^i, Buf 
<3o they know wh^t they fay ? Oh finnch is this. 
yo f wifti? if it be gran- cd it wiH prove yo'ir 
Kvoe forevt-r. Happily Go's pref ncc is how^ 
yourcrouWcs but I tell you hiS abfcrc^ w uld* 

fee your cor mc - 1. .^^ .: ^-'^*?rfc^"^ 

2. Sc he c what a*^ c* il itis f^ ffJrMe felj 
tsit ai jidgciperetot j« gi?mc?^^s, to bf* forfakera 
p( Qt d ? IB efy thcnit is t'^c fm of fins to for^ 
Cake nim : the evil of punifhmcnt fsin being Itft 
by God, a id the evil of fin n in leaving ood^ 
what, forTifee God, who Is our only go^i? God 
f?ho made us, aa-d pjJTefV us froni our bcginni g,' 
Q^^,. th it hath h en the guid of our Youth, thsti 
hath been good to us, a id fed us all onr daytsf 
^fr.2. 19, Knew therefore arid fee ^ that it if an tvit 
thing und kitfr^thAt thouha^ hrf .kjn the. Lor A 
thy God, And there is an aggravation of it, t?fK 
17. Thou hafi forf^fqn the Lord thy Go^j when hi 
led thee ^y the rv^y. Asa gnidto dir-ftthe^^asa 
ftafle to 4ipporc thee, a5 a convoy to guard t^ce^ 
asiFathc to provide for thee, that t ou hafi: 
mnte(t nbcbinq : wcH may it be faid, h^w evil 
^nd htter at thing is it, that thou haf^ I Tia^en the 
tord?/He adds in the ^i.vcrfe, Oh G^ntratim ! 
@C4>craci0n^f what? of what you w4l? God 

leaves a !;vacc that you may writCt \\fiat ytm 
plcale, generation oi Vipers, or Monfters, or- 
any ihi!:g rather then Generation of (Sods peo^ 
pie. See ye th • word of the Lord, behold 
your face in tJ'at Glafs. S0 your cauflefs apa- 
liafies, have I been a wilde nefs unto ifracl? 
Have >6irwantcd any thing, Oh ye degenerating 
crooked, and wilful generation? God may fay 
tofuchfinrcrs, as Pharaoh to H^^4^, when he 
would be goae, i Ki»^. 11. 22. But what haft- 
thoti lacl^ea With me, that thou fuk^^fl to he gone i 
%\hat halt t^ou lacked finner, that thou fecktft to 
le gone from the Lord > The finner rauft anfwcr 
vvith him, no hing howbeit let me go in any wifcv 
He came to h m in kis dillrefs, and when hi:> turn 
ivas anlwercd, away he packs. They ioflake 
beeaufe they will forfake. .a *, ^^ 

3. Wonder not that Gods Saints nave been 
fo folicitous witT him, not to forfake them. Thus 
I>jivid^ PfaL I i <> 8 OhforjAke we not utterly, Hc 
might well be lolicitous in this matter, for he un- 
dcrftoodwhat ir was to be forlakenof the Lord. 
They p' cfs hard with the L>rd whatever he doth 
lie would not leave them, nor forfake thcni7^''* 
14.9. Leave ui not. And no wonder, there arc 
fuch m lans, when the Lord may havcfcemcd, to 
have forfaken them. / 

4. If Gods fori akin g be fo fore a Judgrment; 
it (hould make us more cautclous,and wary leaft 
weptli down this judgement on our heads. Men 


( 15 ) 

ftould be afraid of this hcavicft qf judgements* 
more Jfeen the Child of whipping. 

5. LctGodsdcaroncs take heed of conclu- 
ding againft themfclvc^, tkat they are under this 
jidgem nt. They arc readied to couclude a- 
gair.ft themfclvcs, and yet really in the Icaft dan- 
ger, Ihus wcr^jad, y/>p.49. 14, Bnt Zion faid^ 
the Lord hath for fallen me^andmj Lord hath for^<tt- 
ten me. But why faid Zimjo ? i: wis fivm diffi- 
dence* as '^ainrs do not torfakc God ;;$ cihe s 
do, ?[d 18.2 1 . / have not vpkk^tdlj ^e'^artedfrcm 
my God : fo God will not forfake the n as he I'or- 
fakes others not utterly forfake then: His for- 
faki g of his is but tempo- ary, md partial. 

Hut h Tea queiMon may be moved what is the 
diffe encc bciwiu a finner fonak n and a Saint 
forf;Ken ? fo the Lord doth not forfake both a- 
like. T. When God forfakcs his own, yet they 
cry after h'm. hewitidra*^s himfdf from th-irt 
f.metfmcs, yetfoas that he draws their hearts 
altf-r him asamuih.rm y hide away from her 
Child, hat ic may feck and cry the mor earneftly 
afer er. 2 They rcta n good thoughts of 
him in I is withdrawment, or ablcnce. As t':c 
Spouie i 1 the Cantic es, (he calls h'm her beloved 
ftill. As the faithful wife : fhe retains good 
tho'igh 5 ♦"! her husbanu, and kcep^ np 'cr re- 
fp M^. though he be ^onc from h-MT>c bur the wic- 
\kt(} fy';en the Lord fot j'akes ih m, harbour hard 
thoU2,htsof him. Isthls to fer/e the Lord, ancl^^nlk in 
hiswayes** what good have / got h^-j all / have don- ? 
fee,, Kovy he hath l-erveci ine. / 3 The/. 

C i^ ) 

S, tnfcywiil feck him, till he return again,' 
w^cat'c Lor I torfAkes o hcrs,thc vili fcc«? 'ut-r 
f nitics. to Daa;\e up t.c wa- 1 otOod,<« pr fcrtce^ 
T'^c ^duitiefs in '^r Hu ban 'S ahlt ce, will ^eck 
4ficr other I vers. The ru.-. Saini w H be iatis- 
^ed iriFn>i|i ng el -c bur the lord iid he tc urn. 
Moreo?cr ihcre ira dj'ffe ence in Gods fotf king 
the ft ncr and f ' e Sa nc, when he fcrfakcs rhc 
\^ictocJ t "cv^rclrrcin da kncis • b« t when he 
wi hci aw-i from his owa he leaves fom lig^t, 
ifyhereby the V lee whica tvay he isgone,lie 'ta.e$ 
fpBae glimm^nng hght, by whch they cnay foi*^ 
I jw atter h m, and Hnd him. / 

Ariel again , vihtn he leaves his own, yet H$ 
bowels are owrt; dsihem, fer,i i.^o Ady hw* 
tls are troiihUa for loim^ / w!/ furetj httve mncj 
Upon htm, (mtb th Ln^^i. He hath an rvc to* 
wards them for muc^ goi d,in his torfasing thera. 

Vff. 2 Oi Exhortation: I. To tn^'nKful- 
oe's CO Go':', 'or that he hath not yet foriai?€ rus. 
Whatever he hath ftript us off, he hath rot yet 
lirit)t us off himf if, te ha a n» t as • ct forfa'.en 
fcj5. He m«ght hivcdonc it, and have done us 
n< w^'Tig 3 bu he h-ih not yet dope it. 
- 2. lodo oir utmoiVthat he may not forfakc 
u^. An-j here the? e may be addca Motives. and 
•Mcan^. / . ' . • ■ 

I. Conri:^er Godslot^nefs toforfak-us^ This 
isathiiijp th:i he i> n *t dfcrrous ot, he doth noc 
uiFingly .ifHausw ih th s f rr of Aff^lfticn. or 
gricsc us wi;h thii» grievous ftioaic. God haife 

( ^1 ) 

(hewed kisnfclf loth to depart from thofe ttat 
have departed from him*, hot have warned them 
of his diipleafurejtbac they might day him. k 
goes near Gods heart toforlakea People that 
have been near to him. Methinks I hear him 
faying thus, Howfliali I give thee upj Oh Ntrp^ 
England \ thence fpeaking to warn us, of. our 
forfaki'ngs of him, and to be inftrufted, why.? 
leaft his Spirit depart from us, fer. 6. 8. Be thoti 
infirft^ed Qh leru/Alem^ leafi mj Soul depart frota 
thee, lenfl Imak^e thet defdate-i a land mt inhabited. 
You may cafily ftay him, the matt«:r is net fo far 
gone, but you might ycc ftay him ' were we but 
as ioth he Should forfakc us, as he is to forfake 
«s, he would neyer leave us. His gradual mo- 
ttonsfrom a people argue his lothnefs, and isn-] 
Willi ngnefs to leave them, f 

2. Confider what the Lord is to cs, or what 
relation he ftands in to us, while he is with us. 
He is our friend, wc have found him to be fo,and 
a fpeciil friend too : men in the World are roc 
willing to forego a Friend, a good Friend ; he is 
as faithful, skiltulv, powerful, and tender- heart- 
ed a friend as ever a people had, he ftiick by us 
when alfo we had been in a woe cafe,P/4/. 124. i» 
If it had not hen the Lerd, vpho was en eur fide 
way Ifratl no'dojay. And had not the Lord been 
on ou r fide, may New- England now fay. He is 
a Father, and a tender-hearted Father, /^«. 63. 
16, I>oHkltfsthsti art our Father. Can children 
B 4 ^c 

Ire ■vriUiog their Father fhoold leave them ? lie Is 
a Husband, Ifai.^4. 5. For thy Maker is thy Haf- 
^jndj a loviBg, careful, tender husband too •, can 
the Wife be Willing to part with her Husband ? 
if the Lord forfake us, we arc bcycff of oor friend, 
left friendlefs, be is all friends in oncnene can be 
our friend, if he be not. / If he leave us, we (hall 
be as Orphans, for he ryretaxed as a Father, and 
how fad is the ftate of poor Orphans : a»d v^e 
fhall be in a ftate of Widow-hood, a very foli- 
tary, andforrowful fiarc. He is our guide, and 
our pilot 5 what wilt become of t^e blind if theiie 
^uid feave them ? and what will become of th^ 
Sip if the Pilot defert it? thus the Lord is to 
his, and well may he fay, as A^ic. 6,1, Oh my Pe$^ 
fte w^at have I done ? or ypherein have I vpearied 
thee^ or given thee any caufe to be weary of me. / 

?. Confider there are fhrewd figns of CTods 
intent to leave u§, unlcfs fomcwhat be done If 
you enquire what / I Anlwer : 

r. The fins for which Cod hath forfakcn o- 
thersarerifeamongft us. The fins for which 
6'od forfcok the Jews, arc our (ins. 

f. Hoyrid Pride, Ho(.$'f. The Pride of J/ratl 
^dothteflifle tokiffmce. Pride in Parts, and pride 
of Hearts, price'n Apparel, ard Vtfturcs, and 
in (7c fturcj, and i.n Looks, how lofty are their 
eyes I New-EngUnd IS uVcn notice of abroad, 
for as proad a People, of a profcffing people, 
as't^e World affords. " 


Whca a People are humble the l^rd milf fay 
v?ich thera. If our immunkiie^, which arc CI^oA 
mercies, puffe as up, God will erap y u5 * fce ndl 
blaft that to us that wa are proud of. < 

2. Z>^^^ and high Jytgratitude, Do yon th«J^ 
requite the Lord? Deut.^i.C. So the Fropktt 
liafea taxes them, Hof.^^%, God gave ker C>r», 
aiad mne^ am Ojl^filver and Gold, hut fie ^m^ 
med them on Bad. We have been bleft but had^ 
GQi had the glory of our bleflings. 

5. Op^rejpon, Amos%^» Yethatfwalig»mp 
the nerdy, Thefc Jews were like the Fifhes, the 
greater did devour ihe kfs; Some are hke wiSd 
Bcafts, like Wolves that tear otFthe fleece, and 
eat the flefh of the Flocks. There is more i^ 
dice CO be found in hell, then amongft fome bjcb 
on earth : for there is no innocent perfon op-; 
prelTed there. / 

4. Wearinifs of Gods Ordinances* hmo^S.^l 
when Tvt/i the Sahhath he df^ne ? They that arc 
weary of the fervice of Cod, and the Ordinan- 
ces of 6'od, they arc wesry of 6^od. Cod io* 
^t^i hath fed us to the full, &% to Ordinaiices* 
and we arc glutted, ar.d furfeiccd, afid have loft 


(21D ) 

V/h^ meiis Comnnoditks bare but a little ftkt 
IQ a j^Iace,theywill remote the market I if Go- 
i|>€i Ordinances are but a cheap comraodiiy, 
havelo{ltheirprice,and menare >veary oFtbem: 
Cod will let out his Vineyard to another People. 
Jf our mercies become our burdens, God will 
cafe us of theia. / 

5. Coufenagein mens dealings, making the 
^>kah fmall, ai^ the Shekel great, felling the re- 
fbfeof Wheat, yfwojS. 5, 6. Tkey pic^oftt tW 
hsp Grain for themftlveS'y and the refnfe is to ftU, 

^. Idolatry, which is Spiritual Adultery, and 
ffrthers nothing of this? chufing of new Gods.^ 

7. Incorrigiblenefs, or oppoficion of a fpirit 
ef reformation. When God calls to a People 
|o return, by repentance, but they will go on 
ftiti in their (in : God calls to them by his judg- 
ments, and by his Rod ^ but they will not hear, 
a^*cis/er. 5.3. Thou hafi ftt'u ken thtm^ hut thej 
have not grieved "^ thou hafi confnmed tkent^ btft 
the] have refufed is receive CemElion : thej have 
made their faces harder than a Rocl^, they have rf- 
fftfed t$ return. Whc n it is thus w ith a People, 
God will pluck up and be gope v fo ler.'j.i^^i^ 
Becanfe they vpould not hear ^ and rvould not anfwer 
the ca£ of God J I viH do to this houfe, as J did to 
Skilohy why ? what did the Lord do to Shiloh ? 
ver. 12. Co to Shileh, and fee vphat I did to it, for 
ike Tvickednefs of my Petfle IfratL Go, and view 
hy and you will fee what he did, he left tokens of 


< 2> ) _ . 

i^is vrrath apon them, and forfook theml ' 
* 1, A'Othcrfignof his iotenttofoi'rakcui,]^ 
i^ that he is ocalinv with us as he is wool to deal 
vrith them .hat he is about t<^ ror fake. He takes 
away thofe that ^r nioftly with him. He wiB 
take away hxs M"fcj\ thole that Hand in the 
Gap, and bi ds his h^ ds with their Prayer^ 
when he is defi^O'C- to pour out wrath upon 2 
People r he will remove he lights, when he is 
ab^ut to darken a aiid. We men fend aviay 
their P'ate .^nci Jewels, and c - ite things ; itin- 
Cim tcs hcirinr n i nof rtoaoval 

3. Another fignjs our Luke warmncfs, and 
Indiffercncy in Rdig un : a ufuai ioreninner of 
its fcm val When a Prople care not for God* 
and the things of God, he hath left them in fomc 
ireafure, already ; and jf that Spirit abide he 
w I! not tarry long with them. / 

Vje 1 6* DtrBtin, 1 . 'Examine and bmn- 
bic your 'elves, for all your dep^irtures hrora 
Go.*, y^)ur torlak ngs of him; hemble your 
^fciv©§iorthem,c' nKiling with bitternefs your 
evil therein, b. moaning your Cehcs before the 
Lord upon the ^cceuRt thereof. May the Lord 
hear his People, from Dan to BnrfhiU bemoan- 
irig themfclves, Ephraim like, then the Lord will 
hea-, and have mercy, and not leave us, for liis 
Names fake, r 

2. Judge your felv^^s worthy to be forfalten, 
tccaufe ofyoirfcxiakingof hjra. if you judge 

fonrWveswo'-tfiytebeforfalicii, Coi will not 
ju: gcyotrwonhy tobcforfaken, iCor. ii.ji. 

3r. Pry t c Lord not to fo fake you, the 
Lord is fomctimcs ftaiJ w th Frayers: Prayers 
fcarr prevailed with Us Majcfty often, and may 

4 Forfakcvour nnSjwbcrcbyyoD have for^ 
fekcnWm Nothing Tcfs then this will prevent 
rfA roifchier, coming upon us. If there be any, 
rt^er Son orDaogbtcr that will not' leave their 
fissior God, God will leave fuch. 



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